The Latest Trends In Shower Lighting

The shower. It’s something we use every single day, and which can be a very pleasant, relaxing thing after a hard day’s work, or an invigorating pick me up first thing in the morning. However, getting your shower exactly the way you want it, to offer maximum relief and relaxation as well as getting you […]

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Light living room in white

A Light for Every Purpose

From a 9 light chandelier style application in a formal dining room to a security spotlight over the driveway, every area of your home has a unique lighting need. While you may be led to believe by the monotony of the overhead bulb with frosted glass globe placed in new homes that any light works […]

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Bathroom with bathtub

Lighting Updates for Vanities and Dressing Tables

One of the simplest and most functional updates available to improve look and function to the vanity is to change out the vanity mirror. Rather than an old glass mirror or mirrored cabinet that is constantly shadowed by use of harsh downlights and overhead lighting, a mirror with built in lights will be more useful […]

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Small bathroom design

Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Instant Glamour

Typically the “smallest room in the house” is not the first thought when considering creating a glamorous living space, but a few clever lighting ideas can turn even the darkest interior bathroom into a cool and glamorous place. Hollywood Makeup Mirrors Hollywood makeup mirrors are the ultimate bathroom accessory for girls. Nothing says glamour like […]

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Garden path lights

Outdoor Lighting for Your Summer Soiree

Long summer evenings and warm weather make your garden, temporarily at least, an extension of your living space. Whether your evening entertainment is an intimate family cookout or you are throwing a huge garden party for your friends and colleagues, lighting your outdoor space with these top tips can create exactly the right ambiance. Tiki […]

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Classic interior design with big aquarium

Aquariums for Unique Indirect Lighting Solution

An idea for a beautiful and functional way to add indirect light, tranquility, and interest to a room is gaining popularity all over the globe. Aquariums come in many sizes and unique shapes that allow for placement along walls, in corners and even on simple shelves and stands. You do not need exceptional skills or […]

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Home office in white color with books

How Lighting Can Help Your Home Office

The ways businesses operate are changing, and more and more people are working from home. It is often a sensible and practical solution for both employers and staff. If you work from home, however, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between your work environment and your home environment. A lot of people will have […]

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Yellow interior of kitchen

How to Choose Lights for your Kitchen

The hearth is the heart of the home may be an old saying, but the meaning of it still rings true. The kitchen is the busiest room in the house – people cook, eat and socialise in here and always have done.  When you think of a kitchen, the general picture is of clean, practical […]

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Dining in the open with table and chairs

Setting Up Your Outdoor Dining Area

When setting up an outdoor dining area in the garden of your home, it’s important to think creatively so you can impress your friends and family! One such great outdoor ornament providing cover and shade, perfect for sitting under while you eat, is a palm tree. And although some may equate palm trees only with […]

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Luxury dimmer switch in gold finish

How to choose the right dimmer switch

You may look at the title of this article and say to yourself, “Well it can’t be that difficult can it, surely?” Ok it is not all that difficult to find a dimmer switch but find the right dimmer switch is easier if you have done a bit of research. For there are dozens, if […]

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