10 beautiful Tiffany lamps

I have decided to make a selection of beautiful Tiffany lamps. I will not tell you about the history of the Tiffany lamps, because if you are interested in those facts, you can check the Wikipedia and learn all about them. Here is the story Tiffany lamps. In two words: they are so nice and beautiful, because of the many colourful pieces of glass, that are put together and when the light goes through, it creates amazing effect. I can’t tell you that they are not expensive, but there are some affordable pieces here and there. Of course, you can always check at Ebay for some used items, but brand new is always brand new. So let’s start with a selection of models that you can easily buy from within UK:

1. Grapes Tiffany Pendant

2. Tiffany Cream Amber

3. Burlesque Tiffany Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

4.Carla Old Brown Medium Flush Tiffany Ceiling Light

5.Cavatina Tiffany Glass Ceiling Light

6. Japonica Amber Tiffany Drop Pendant Large

7. Raindrop 5 Light Tiffany Ceiling light

8. Chicago Tiffany lamp

9. Flite Tiffany Pendant Ceiling light

10. Chicago Tiffany Glass Uplighter Ceiling Light


You can find more Tiffany lamps here: More Tiffany lamps

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