Bedroom lighting dilemma

Why dilemma? Because there are some controversial questions that we should answer about lighting in your bedrooms. I will start with a simple one – what is the lighting fixture that you have in your bedroom? A pendant hanging in the middle of the room or wall lights installed by the bed? Or may be you have some night table at each side of the bed, where you can put a book, but also a small table lamp? Well, I would like to give you some information about all these different types of lighting in your bedroom. The main problem is the area located by the bed – wall lights vs. table lamps.

  1. Wall lights – the most important advantage of wall lights is that they do not take place at your night table and thus you can have it free. You can use the night table for books, cosmetics, clocks, etc. The light coming from a light source above your head, like that from a wall light is having more contrast and will deliver much more light. Sometimes these lighting fixtures are equipped with a switch on their base. You will need it if you don’t have a switch integrated in the wall. The downside of wall lights is that you have to install them on the wall, drill holes and in the worst scenario, you will have to put some wires in the wall and then repaint it. So it is a good idea to think about the bedroom lighting at earlier stage. You can even choose a spot wall lights, which will direct powerful light at any direction that you need. Some of the items offered in the market are with flexible arms for even more lighting control. [showmyads]
  2. Table lamps – main benefit is that you can place them without any intervention to the wall. You just buy them and place them on the night table. Plug in the wire cord in the socket and voila – you have a light for reading in the bed. The night table should be big enough for a lamp and some other small stuff. Table lamps could get you in trouble, because when it is dark and you are sleepy, you can accidentally push them over the table and destroy them. That’s why most of the lampshades used for night lights are made from fabric – they last longer and are almost unbreakable.
  3. Pendants – there is third option – hanging pendants over the night tables. This type of bedroom lighting is gaining more and more popularity, but you have to think in advance and install power at the ceiling spots and switch by the bed. You have all the benefits from the other two optionsĀ  – you have you table free and you can’t break the pendant by chance. There are a lot of styles – modern and traditional that you can choose from.

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