Bedrooms Benefit from Extra Light

Master bedrooms are associated with tranquility, relaxation, and romance; incorporating a workplace would not affect the functionality of the space.

Since the bed is the focus, concentrate on drawing attention to it; note that sconces are a space-saving alternative to bedside lamps; furthermore, they could provide ample general illumination. Using matching glass-shaded sconces is a gorgeous way to anchor and highlight the bed; add mirrors behind the sconces to create a sleek decorative element.

Incorporating mirrors is always a smart concept; they make a world of difference. Creatively positioned for a feeling of spaciousness, when arranged in groups, they produce a stunning sparkling effect for extra light.  

Another option for flanking the bed with lights is dropping eye-catching pendants above the nightstands for a touch of drama, style, and sophistication. Add interest to the bed zone with a pair of opaque-shaded pendants hung at different heights. Note that pendants emit soft, soothing light for a relaxed atmosphere.

Consider that a single overhead light is not enough for providing adequate lighting; think creatively in terms of functionality and aesthetics and use illumination to create a dreamy bedroom with an atmosphere of quiet relaxation, but with adequate task lights wherever necessary.

Classic bedroom

Dimmable chandeliers are always an option; they serve double – as a main source of lighting that easily changes the atmosphere in the room and as a decorative accent that complements the décor. Opt for fixtures with frosted shades because they offer evenly distributed soft, flattering light throughout the space; crystal chandeliers are a good choice; they not only reflect extra light, but add drama, luxury, and sophistication to the décor.

Focus on providing proper lighting for reading and on dressers to complement the central light. Table and free-standing lamps are a natural choice; opt for matching fixtures to create a balanced, cohesive look. Keep in mind that dressers look best against the wall; their tops are a perfect spot to arrange a table lamp and a mirror to add extra light and enhance the décor. Always consider balancing lighting fixtures and furniture for a harmonious, neat look.

Modern designed bedroom

However, each place could benefit from extra light, especially when used in an unexpected way; bedrooms are not an exception to the rule.

If the master bed is on a raised floor, install LED rope lighting under the lower side of the raised floor; this option creates a unique glow, adds extra light, charm, and interest to the space, not to mention that personalizes the bedroom.

Furniture with built-in lights is also an option to add extra light in a surprising manner for a romantic yet modern look. Lights built in bed frames or headboards create a soft, inviting atmosphere providing more light in a charming, dramatic way. Closets and wardrobes are also an option for built-in lights.

Beautiful bedroom

Do not overlook accent lighting, which is a perfect solution to both highlight artwork or favorite family photos throughout the room and add extra light to the space. Sconces or soft recessed ceiling lights are a perfect choice for introducing accent lighting.

Classic styled bedroom

Generally, the more, the better; a single source of light never provides adequate light; a successful scheme for illuminating bedrooms should include different types of lighting positioned creatively to achieve flexibility and functionality and create an appealing, inviting décor.

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