Bety by Arturo Alvarez: Emotion and Sophistication

In the last years Arturo Alvarez, a Spanish designer who has won two prestigious “Good Design” awards experiments with new applications of common materials out of their standard environment. Bety collection is a result of both this innovative creative approach and the concept of emotional light.

As all products of the designer, this collection is also handmade with meticulous attention to detail, and created in Spain by skilled artisans who use lead-free solder.

Bety lamps are exhibited in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Barcelona.

The collection comprises a table and floor lamp and a pendant in two formats – small/35 cm in diameter/ and large/65 cm in diameter/.

They all come with a polypropylene shade in two colours/black and white/ that rests on a tripod of stainless steel; the frame is also of stainless steel. All fixtures come with either energy – saving fluorescent or standard incandescent bulb.

Keep in mind that table and floor lamps as portable lighting options are a wise and easy solution to illuminate a dark corner or add extra light to a sitting arrangement; generally, they offer the versatility of mobility to suit your unique living space and can transform its ambiance creating a warm, inviting feeling.

In addition, when positioning floor and table lamps as to create rhythms by light and shadow, reflection and diffusion you can create an active dynamic effect to the atmosphere of your home.

Consider also that the collection makes it possible to use matching lamps to tie together the décor for a cohesive look and visual appeal. Supplementing a pendant with a matching table and/or floor lamp  is a great way to achieve more layered lighting approach, not to mention that this concept definitely adds style, elegance, and luxury to the space.

These original, unconventional, and captivating fixtures are remarkable for their design; indeed, these polypropylene strips featuring woman’s hair make the lamp an eye-grabbing décor element immediately upon entering the space where it is positioned.

Undoubtedly, any piece of the collection is a statement lamp that gives a personality to any place; furthermore, simple and attractive, delicate and sophisticated, these unique lamps not only beautify a room, but also fill it with their presence.

Bety lights are with somehow unfinished shape; they are re-created femininity; they are objects of desire.

Expressing the principles and ideas of Arturo Alvarez, they go beyond the pure functionality of lighting to become a cross point where practicality meets beauty, aesthetics, art, and emotions.

Opt for any of the Bety collection fixtures to have both a great lighting option for bedrooms or living rooms and an exquisite decoration that adds a touch of charm and makes your home come alive with light.

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