Brighten Your Home to Fight off Depression

Although we do not all suffer from a complete form of Seasonal Deficit Disorder/SDD/, a mood disorder that causes people experience depressive symptoms, insufficient natural light in winters makes us feel a little down. There are some ways of combating the SDD effects, such as enhancing lighting in your home because lighting is a powerful tool.

Lighten up the space: let in as much natural light as possible; use soft, pastel, and light tones and hues for the walls, window treatment, covers, upholstery, and throw pillows, all these are great options to bright up any space making it extremely trendy, especially when used in an unexpected way.

Try to incorporate crystals, silver, marble, glass, and other light reflective surfaces to enhance the feeling of tranquillity. Do not forget about mirrors, they also reflect light and create an illusion about a brighter room, not to mention that a beautifully-framed mirror adds a touch of visual appeal and sophistication; generally, there are plenty of alternatives to maximise the effect of natural light and create a feeling of warmth, spaciousness, and harmony to fight off darkness and depression.

As for artificial lighting, try with a multi-layered interior lighting scheme and make layers of light work together; ultimately, this helps create enough lighting options to liven up your home so that you feel comfortable, cheerful, and happy.

Feel depressed

Opt for efficient and multi-functional lighting: primarily, provide ample general lighting to illuminate adequately the whole space and create a warm atmosphere; this is the most pleasing light for everyday living.

Try to include options for sufficient task lighting, such as under-cabinet lighting, for it creates an illusion of spaciousness and makes the place more attractive; incorporate pendants over the kitchen island to not only provide enough task light over that zone, but for a better general lighting of the entire space; bring portable lighting options next to the sitting arrangement.

Opt for spots, tracks, or up lighters for accent lighting to accentuate your special home objects; whatever you choose to highlight, accent lighting definitely adds a feeling of charm and drama to your home and enhances the atmosphere.

When possible opt for LEDs; the characteristics of this light make it ideal for promoting a brighter look; LEDs are simple to apply and suitable for use anywhere in your home to add colour and vibrancy; furthermore, since LEDs consume less energy, they reduce your energy costs.

Always consider adding dimmers; they help provide variable lighting options and decorative effects.

Generally, be imaginative and experiment with light; even only some strategically placed fixtures, a stunning chandelier in the living room, a beautiful candleholder or scented candles for a touch of romance can make things cheery and bright.

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