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Luxury dimmer switch in gold finish

How to choose the right dimmer switch

You may look at the title of this article and say to yourself, “Well it can’t be that difficult can it, surely?” Ok it is not all that difficult to find a dimmer switch but find the right dimmer switch is easier if you have done a bit of research. For there are dozens, if […]

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Great decorated living room with a lot of lights

Choosing the Right Lighting for your Home

Well, you have already made home improvements – walls are plastered, grounded, and painted, new furniture is positioned, even the space is cleaned up; yet, you feel something is missing. After a short reflection, the problem is identified; lighting fixtures are not installed and the single bulb hanging from the ceiling on a folded cord […]

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Traditional bathroom lighting

Underestimating Lighting in Bathrooms Causes Appalling Results

Inadequate lighting in bathrooms is a common mistake, which results in hidden safety hazards. Furthermore, since bathrooms are becoming more and more a place where to relax and recharge, aesthetics should also be a consideration. As in all other spaces, layered lighting is the successful approach. Incorporate different types of lighting to provide ample illumination […]

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Outdoor lighting ideas

Home Lighting Ideas to Compliment Your Home

When you own a home, you take pride in the property’s outward appearance. While a fresh coat of paint and new siding will add curb appeal, many homeowners overlook what a difference lighting can make. While lighting is necessary for function, it can also be used for aesthetics with the right fixtures and focus. If […]

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Kitchen lights

Coordinated Furniture and Lighting – a Key to a Balanced Décor

Living rooms are multifunctional spaces where, apart from other activities, we usually meet guests. When decorating a living room, a major consideration should be coordinating furniture and lighting to create a cohesive décor for an appealing, inviting look that can impress family and friends. Always consider lighting and furniture in terms of functionality and aesthetics; […]

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Fight off Depression with Light

Fighting off depression could be an easy to do task, just by adding some more natural light to your home or make the artificial lighting replace it. Depression is so common that most of the people don’t even notice it until it gets serious. Recent studies directly relate the lack of sunlight, which triggers a […]

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Take Control of your Home Lighting with a Dimmer Switch

The lighting that you choose for your home can have a huge effect over not only how it looks but also how it feels.  Do I Need a Dimmer Switch? If your lighting is controlled with a simple on and off switch, it is extremely difficult to create an atmosphere that is suitable for all […]

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Maintain That Summer Look into Autumn

Many of us do not enjoy the change from summer to autumn. The weather starts to get colder; the days shorten and even though the poet may well have sung his praises to the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ autumn can prove to be a shock to the system. Joy One of the best […]

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Choosing and Installing the Right Lighting

Lighting is an exceptionally important factor in any environment, so if you are thinking about lighting it is absolutely essential that you get it right if you want to enjoy your home. Today we are going to go through the main considerations you need to make when choosing and installing the right lighting for your […]

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Top Ways to Make Your Room Look Bigger

There are many things that can make a room more or less desirable and pleasant to spend time in, but one of the very most important things to ensure about your rooms is that they feel big. The more spacious a room feels the less likely you are to feel claustrophobic, the cleaner and tidier […]

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