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The Latest Trends In Shower Lighting

The shower. It’s something we use every single day, and which can be a very pleasant, relaxing thing after a hard day’s work, or an invigorating pick me up first thing in the morning. However, getting your shower exactly the way you want it, to offer maximum relief and relaxation as well as getting you […]

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Bathroom with bathtub

Lighting Updates for Vanities and Dressing Tables

One of the simplest and most functional updates available to improve look and function to the vanity is to change out the vanity mirror. Rather than an old glass mirror or mirrored cabinet that is constantly shadowed by use of harsh downlights and overhead lighting, a mirror with built in lights will be more useful […]

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Small bathroom design

Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Instant Glamour

Typically the “smallest room in the house” is not the first thought when considering creating a glamorous living space, but a few clever lighting ideas can turn even the darkest interior bathroom into a cool and glamorous place. Hollywood Makeup Mirrors Hollywood makeup mirrors are the ultimate bathroom accessory for girls. Nothing says glamour like […]

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2013 Trends for Bathrooms with a Bath

Bathroom experts Victoria Plumb offers a superb range of ideas to help you achieve your own perfect spa retreat at home – using nothing more than your bathroom suite. The bath is the Focal Point The bath is the centre point of the bathroom and those aiming for a spa feel need to consider their […]

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Traditional bathroom lighting

Underestimating Lighting in Bathrooms Causes Appalling Results

Inadequate lighting in bathrooms is a common mistake, which results in hidden safety hazards. Furthermore, since bathrooms are becoming more and more a place where to relax and recharge, aesthetics should also be a consideration. As in all other spaces, layered lighting is the successful approach. Incorporate different types of lighting to provide ample illumination […]

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bathroom design

Contemporary design ideas for the most relaxing bathrooms

At the end of a long work day, it is a dream to be able to come home and relax in a beautiful bathroom.  However, it is something that most people can only dream of.  Nevertheless, the perfect bathroom is still within reach – all it takes is a little imagination. The bathroom is one […]

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LED Mirrors – Multifunctional Lighting for our Home

Lighting solutions are now more advanced than ever allowing you to choose products that not only light up your home but create a stunning focal point in every room. Dark nights are setting in again and as we lose a little more daylight each day, many homeowners turn their attention to how they can create […]

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10 features for a beautiful bathroom

If you are planning to redecorate or even strip and completely redo your bathroom, you have a number of options when it comes to features. You can choose from a plethora of fittings and decorations to create a salubrious, serene space, and many, many styles are available to peruse from companies such as Bathrooms 365. […]

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Light up Your Bathroom for Maximum Beauty and Functionality

Bathroom – a favorite place in everyone’s home. A place to relax and enjoy the purity of water. We think of the bathroom as a place where we can wash away our problems and energize our body and mind. You’d like to add some extra luxury and sophistication in the bathroom? It’s not that difficult, […]

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Easy to make

Gone are the days when bathrooms were used primarily to shower and brush your teeth; nowadays they are a personal place for relaxation and romance, a place where shaving and applying makeup is done. So, lighting is of crucial importance in the bathroom, both in terms of functionality and esthetics, as well as for safety […]

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