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Six unbelievably tacky applications of LED lights

The benefits of LEDs – low energy lighting solutions – are well documented. They’re easy to fit. They last require less power to run. They last for longer. They’re environmentally friendly. In fact, LED lighting is becoming an increasingly popular solution for both home owners and businesses when it comes to selecting their lighting equipment […]

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Tips on Making Sure the Lights Don’t Go Out On Your Business

Preparing for the unexpected is essential for every business, especially when it comes to making sure you have a backup power supply for when those out of the blue power cuts occur.  Businesses who do not invest in standby power can lose thousands of pounds by not being prepared for the worst as businesses in […]

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LED Mirrors – Multifunctional Lighting for our Home

Lighting solutions are now more advanced than ever allowing you to choose products that not only light up your home but create a stunning focal point in every room. Dark nights are setting in again and as we lose a little more daylight each day, many homeowners turn their attention to how they can create […]

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Saving energy with lighting

We are all paying a lot of bills every month and one of them is always bigger than we have expected. That’s the one for the electricity used. With the price of electricity increasing every year, it is a time to think of the ways to cut the cost of energy. I can give you […]

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