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Effective Bedroom Lighting For Winter

As the winter months are drawing in and the nights are getting longer, making the home feel cosy is almost a necessity as many people go into a form of hibernation mode until spring – with the except of the January sales perhaps. Leaving work in blustering winds, your mind will almost certainly be focused […]

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Tips on Making Sure the Lights Don’t Go Out On Your Business

Preparing for the unexpected is essential for every business, especially when it comes to making sure you have a backup power supply for when those out of the blue power cuts occur.  Businesses who do not invest in standby power can lose thousands of pounds by not being prepared for the worst as businesses in […]

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Maintain That Summer Look into Autumn

Many of us do not enjoy the change from summer to autumn. The weather starts to get colder; the days shorten and even though the poet may well have sung his praises to the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ autumn can prove to be a shock to the system. Joy One of the best […]

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living room design

Interior Design – Plan Ahead If You Love Flowers

If you are restyling a house, or even just one room, it is worth considering the Japanese tradition of Tokonoma: a recessed space in a Japanese reception room where works of artistic merit can be displayed for proper appreciation. This alcove is a separate space protected from intrusion by the uncultured by common consent. No […]

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dark room with depressive atmosphere

Brighten Your Home to Fight off Depression

Although we do not all suffer from a complete form of Seasonal Deficit Disorder/SDD/, a mood disorder that causes people experience depressive symptoms, insufficient natural light in winters makes us feel a little down. There are some ways of combating the SDD effects, such as enhancing lighting in your home because lighting is a powerful […]

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