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Light living room in white

A Light for Every Purpose

From a 9 light chandelier style application in a formal dining room to a security spotlight over the driveway, every area of your home has a unique lighting need. While you may be led to believe by the monotony of the overhead bulb with frosted glass globe placed in new homes that any light works […]

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Luxury dimmer switch in gold finish

How to choose the right dimmer switch

You may look at the title of this article and say to yourself, “Well it can’t be that difficult can it, surely?” Ok it is not all that difficult to find a dimmer switch but find the right dimmer switch is easier if you have done a bit of research. For there are dozens, if […]

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Gorgeous Markslojd Lindo Pendant lit in living room

Lindo Ceiling Crystal Light: Sparkle, Luxury, and Sophistication

Some days ago, searching for something completely different at eBay, I came across this glamorous Lindo ceiling crystal light. It fascinated me at first sight and left me breathless. I immediately imagined how it would look in my living room; I went on dreaming of the exquisite sparkling effect it would lend to the space. […]

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LED lights for homes - living room

LED Lights for Homes: A Cost-effective Option to Enhance the Decor

LED lighting started out as a dim, yellow light in 1907, when the British scientist Henry J. Round discovered that the junction of a semi-conductor produced light. In 1936, George Destriau, a French physician, introduced the term “electroluminescence.” The first infrared LED appeared in the 1950s due to experiments of British scientists who used a Gallium […]

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Six unbelievably tacky applications of LED lights

The benefits of LEDs – low energy lighting solutions – are well documented. They’re easy to fit. They last require less power to run. They last for longer. They’re environmentally friendly. In fact, LED lighting is becoming an increasingly popular solution for both home owners and businesses when it comes to selecting their lighting equipment […]

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Effective Bedroom Lighting For Winter

As the winter months are drawing in and the nights are getting longer, making the home feel cosy is almost a necessity as many people go into a form of hibernation mode until spring – with the except of the January sales perhaps. Leaving work in blustering winds, your mind will almost certainly be focused […]

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The Tiny Miracles of Pepe Heykoop

As the nights draw in, our thoughts increasingly turn to light. Not only are we coming up to Bonfire Night, but Diwali, the Indian festival of light is also approaching (on Tuesday, 13th November in case you were wondering). This takes leads us nicely on to the rather eye-catching design work of Pepe Heykoop, the […]

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Is your attic left unused?

Usually attics are left unused and they do not have their own identity. However, use your imagination and creativity to transform the attic into a functional place adding either extra living space or a well-organized and inviting storage solution. Before you start remodelling this space, focus on some essential factors, such as ventilation, isolation, access, […]

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Under cabinet Lighting Ideas

Under cabinet lighting is necessary for any kitchen regardless of its size and design style; it makes the kitchen functional and inviting. In addition, it creates an illusion of space and makes small kitchens look larger and more attractive. There are different sources of light you could apply: Fluorescent lights Usually unobtrusive, which makes them […]

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Tips on Making Sure the Lights Don’t Go Out On Your Business

Preparing for the unexpected is essential for every business, especially when it comes to making sure you have a backup power supply for when those out of the blue power cuts occur.  Businesses who do not invest in standby power can lose thousands of pounds by not being prepared for the worst as businesses in […]

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