Cocoon lamp


A cocoon is a shell, which larvae of varies insects, particularly caterpillars, are building for their metamorphosis. The caterpillars use for this a liquid which is pressed out from their spinneret and hardens in the air quickly.
The conceptual idea comes from this parallel to the PolyJet technology, at which a liquid photopolymer is applied out of nozzles and hardens through UV-light.
The adaption of the construction and the clean design of a cocoon lead to the emergence of the inner element. Its geometry is formed by spun threads, which wind protectingly around the light source.


cocoon lamp

The design is amazing and the product is a real state-of-the-art piece. It is creating some out of this world atmosphere and makes you feel different. You can hardly combine this lamp with some of your other interior, but you can still use it as an accent. If you are brave enough to experiment with new and modern style than you can easily adopt it to your preferences. This product is designed and produced by a German design studio called Voxel Studio , you can check their website for some more creative ideas, not only in lighting, but for all type of products. Technology that they are using is with 3D polyjet matrix printer – you can find more info about that on the web.

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