Conservatory Decorating Ideas

It is up to your creativity to turn a conservatory into a perfect addition to your home where to enjoy the sunshine with family and friends. However, it is different from other rooms; so, consider carefully before decorating it:

  • First, you need to decide what are you going to use it for

A popular design trend is introducing multi-functional open spaces that incorporate different zones; this concept works on the way conservatories are linked to the house.

  • Blinds

Since conservatories are normally made up of glass, blinds are a must-have; they offer sun protection, security, and privacy. There is an array of options to choose from. However, Roman blinds are chic and practical; pleated blinds are another great option.White decorated conservatory with circle window

  • Flooring

Tiled or natural stone floors are practical options, but if you want to make the conservatory an extension of your home, opt for natural wood floor or even for a carpet. You can keep to the “let it flow” concept and match the flooring in the house to achieve a nice flow for a harmonious look.

Heating is a major consideration; water or electrical under floor heating are good options; roofing can be either glass or polycarbonate, a lighter, but durable material.

As for the décor, there are endless options; yet, the practical solution is to choose low absorbent furniture.

Create a sophisticated look and a feeling of a confident, sleek design with glossy metal furniture teamed with black chairs. Opt for garden-style furniture to bring the outside in, for vintage furnishings to give a retro look, or for comfortable, multi-functional sitting arrangements to create a cosy extension of your home. However, woven furniture/rattan, sisal, wicker items/ is the natural choice; it adds a timeless, yet traditional element; try to incorporate wooden touches for a feeling of extra warmth.

Create eye-catching centrepieces such as a glass-topped table, wrought-iron chairs, a statement floor lamp, or period-style elements to add visual appeal and interest.

Conservatory as an addition to the house

  • Opt for an earthy colour palette

Pastel hues blend in with the outdoors to keep the space light and vibrant and for a tranquil feel; for a modern twist add splashes of colour with tablecloths, rugs, upholstery, seat pads, throw pillows; bold hues, prints, and patterns spice up the look; consider that accessories can pull together the colour solution.

  • Incorporate indoor plants

Brighten empty corners with a variety of plants for a touch of vibrancy. Consider using containers of similar materials and styles; open shelving is a practical storage solution; it provides space for plants and decorative ornaments. Plants love lighting in the conservatories.

  • Personalise the space

Incorporate collections of favourite items; arrange elements in odd-numbered groups for an eye-pleasing display and vary their height to add interest; it is a great idea to use accent lighting to highlight them.

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