Crystal Chandeliers for a Living Room

Apart from being a place for entertainment, family meetings, and relaxation, living rooms are also the space where we meet our guests. So, if you want to impress them, opt for a crystal chandelier, it will make the room more inviting, bringing sparkling light into it; moreover, the crystal icicles will reflect extra light and will undoubtedly add a touch of visual appeal, elegance, and sophistication to the décor.

Currently, crystal chandeliers come in a variety of sizes, types and design, you just need to find one that fits your living room and enhances its atmosphere. So, consider some factors when choosing your chandelier:

  • The size of the room

The chandeliers vary greatly in size so you have to be careful in picking the chandelier that would perfectly complement the size of your room, otherwise there will be either overwhelming lights in a small room, or your fancy chandelier will go unnoticed in a larger space; so, make sure that your chandelier is proportionate to the size of the room. If you have an open, spacious living room, for adequate lighting you can install two chandeliers and even add matching wall sconces to get extra ambient light as well as a source of accent lighting.

Ensure that the chandelier is not hung too high for it might look dwarfed; typically, it must not exceed 30 inches above your head; for a balanced look, go for a chandelier, which is about 20%-30% of the width of the room.

  • The amount of light that the chandelier gives

Generally, smaller chandeliers require sixty watt bulbs for regular usage, while larger ones get forty watt bulbs, so your light does not blind everyone. Consider using dimmers, they are a must-have, as to make sure the level of light coming in meets your needs.

  • The style of the space

When opt for a chandelier in your living room, your goal is both to complement the furniture and match the architectural style of the room, and beautify the space, adding a touch of style and sophistication. Trust your taste and instincts to make the ideal choice.

Generally, a crystal chandelier is a perfect option for illuminating living rooms because apart from being a source of ample light it could add instant drama and charm to the space and become its focal point, a statement piece on its own. So, choosing a crystal chandelier for your living room, incorporating such make-a-statement fixture you will personalize the space.

  • Generally, chandeliers are one of the best pieces to decorate and beautify your living room and if you want to enjoy the flawless brilliance of their light, remember to clean them at least once a year.

Crystal chandeliers are not only eye-grabbing, they are also elegant and distinctive. You could even try to incorporate the 2012 trendy yellow tone and bring in some extra warmth because nowadays it has become increasingly more common to find colored chandeliers or clear chandeliers with colored accent pieces.

Take into account that apart from all esthetic considerations, purchasing a crystal chandelier has still another significant advantage – it is made to last for many years; so, you do not only acquire a stunning lighting fixture, but you also make an investment.  If you can afford it, go for a Swarovski crystal chandelier, its glittering lights will add to the dramatic modernity of your living room.

The versatile nature of the chandeliers becomes apparent immediately after installing, especially in rooms with high ceilings because it helps fill the extra height of the room and makes even a large space more intimate and inviting. Try to incorporate a large, beautifully framed mirror; it will additionally reflect the light thus creating an optical illusion for a larger, more spacious room; always keep in mind that crystals, silver, marble, glass, and other details that reflect light enhance the feeling of spaciousness and tranquility; furthermore, such details could help create an inviting and luxurious design.

Generally, chandeliers are a perfect option to embellish any space, they are attractive lights, which when properly hung, could make your living room the center of attraction.

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