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Dark Closet? No ! Take Care of Your Clothes ! | Lighting ideas and tips

Dark Closet? No ! Take Care of Your Clothes !

As in all other spaces, lighting in closets serves double; it creates functionality and enhances the décor.

You can choose from a variety of options to meet your needs and taste; opt for fixtures that match the closet design and work well with its size.

Consider these tips:

  • If feasible, consider adding a window as it will provide natural light for a feeling of spaciousness and style.
  • Opt for bulbs that emit brighter light and do not generate much heat, such as fluorescent and LED bulbs.
  • Go green and use solar tubes; their surface reflects sunlight into the closet for a visually appealing space.

  • Closets are full of flammable items and safety should be your priority; make sure that the bulbs are fully enclosed with glass globes to avoid the risk of fire.
  • De-clutter the space and keep it well organised to allow lighting spread throughout the space; go vertical and incorporate coloured containers to create a vibrant, visually appealing space.
  • Add a full-length mirror on the back of the door or on a side of the closet for both functionality and a feeling of an airy, spacious place.
  • Add details; a carpet, a place to sit, or a wood armoire that complement the décor are great options to embellish and personalise the space.

Battery-operated lights are a smart choice for small closets. They come in an assortment of options, such as wall and ceiling mounted fixtures. Consider attaching fixtures to the shelves for extra light and a better display of items. Opt for LED sensor lights, a perfect energy-saving option for closet lighting. All these fixtures provide task lighting that helps find items you need.

You can choose from different options for larger closets; keep in mind that a single hanging fixture cannot provide adequate lighting.

Recessed fixtures work well in larger closets; installed in the walls or ceiling, they emit ample light to illuminate the space.

Pendants are a good option for spaces with high ceilings; they not only offer adequate lighting, but also enhance the décor of the space adding a touch of style and elegance. Cove lighting is an alternative for high ceiling closets. Indirect lighting to a cove or a soffit definitely beautifies the space and brings a feeling of charm and sophistication.

For large walk-in closets, try with chandeliers. They provide sufficient lighting and become focal points of the space that personalise it; furthermore, chandeliers add a touch of drama, luxury, and glamour to the décor.

To summarise, keep your closet well organised and adequately lit; this is essential for creating an attractive and functional space.


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