Five Interior Design Blogs You Should Not Miss

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At some point this spring, I decided it is time to renovate our home; after about 10 days of pondering on the pros and cons of this obviously demanding challenge, my wife reluctantly agreed.

I did not have any action plan; however, with only vague ideas on my mind, I checked dozens of interior décor blogs to look for inspiration and ideas. I was in need of useful resource to get some fresh and modern ideas.

Here is a list of these blogs that proved useful, at least to me:

1. Terry’s Fabrics

      If you search for cheap, but chic makeover concepts, you can find a bounty of creative tips on this blog; in a July post, I found inspirational ideas for our new bedroom.

Visit the online store; it offers massive selections of fabrics, rugs, and more with up to 73% off for some of the items. I bought curtains, cushions, and a charming Como throw to give our living room a fresh, modern look.

Go to the “On trend” category for some extra tips how to transform your outdoor space with just a few touches.

2. Home Shopping Spy

I saw a retro orange kitchen in the Designer secrets category and used the idea to add colour and vibrancy to our kitchen with open orange shelving and orange café curtains.

Search all categories to find an array of useful tips how to personalise your home with vintage, unusual, or even whimsical items.

Quite often, such items are useless in terms of functionality, but we yield to temptation to buy them because they attract our emotions and create a peculiar sense of magic.

My absolute favourite is “Spring flowers” post in the Seasonal buys category. Home Shopping Spy is managed by Ideal Home’s editor.

3. Decor8

Many people like this blog, and with good reason.

Although focused on interior design ideas, it covers everything from home to personal fashion.

I read dozens of posts with creative ideas and inspiring images of fresh contemporary interiors.

Arts + Crafts and Colour inspiration categories are my favourites; in the latter, I found a post on colour palettes with useful information about interior colour solutions.

I adore bouquet hues, and yes, I put them to use.

4. Beautiful Kitchens

I love this blog.

I found it when I was trying to give my wife a reason our kitchen also needs a makeover, at least a partial one.

Now we have a kitchen with a fresh look and all friends envy me; it incorporates an island and a glass doors display cabinet lit with mini – spots; we even add over cabinet lighting.

Just think that my dream kitchen became reality because some of the posts made my wife change her mind.

5. Design Sponge

This blog is a guide to creativity in all aspects of home living and styling.

All sections are packed with easy to apply low – budget ideas that can help add fresh touches to any living space.

The Before and After category presents amazing transformations. Quite often, they impress with unexpected, innovative approach and inspiring resourcefulness.

As for me, I came across two great ideas; the first one from the Upholstery subcategory is already put to use for a new look of my reading nook chair.

The second is for an incredible makeover of an old sofa with black paint; I am definitely planning to paint our sofa.

To summarise, it is all about our home and our makeover project. This list reflects my personal preferences for these blogs as sources of inspiration and useful ideas and tips.


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