Get the perfect lighting for your bedroom

If you are redecorating your bedroom or completely taking it apart and renovating it, the lighting is an area that you should not neglect. The right illumination can create a cosy den in which you can relax away from the worries of the outside world, whereas a room that is starkly bright will just add to any stress you are feeling. At the same time you want to have adequate light to get ready in the morning or for big nights out. Balance is the solution.

But how is the perfect balance to be achieved in terms of bedroom lighting? Well, getting it right depends on having the right fittings and controls, and on the layout and natural lightness of your space.

What is your bedroom like?

Of course the lighting you require will depend firstly on the layout of your room. If your room is open and airy it should be easy to illuminate. On the other hand if it has alcoves and dark corner you might need to invest in lamps to light these areas up. If so, opt for lamps that provide light without being so bright that they draw too much attention to unremarkable features.

Your main bedroom light should give enough illumination for you to dress and beautify yourself, while again not being too bright. Office strip lights are very effective at providing light but they would be horrible in a bedroom.


The right lights for you

When you choose your lighting consider the design of your room, and any themes that you already have or which you are intending to establish. There are hundreds, if not thousands of light fittings available in stores and online so take your time to choose the perfect products for your space. Shopping online is also a great way to get the best prices available and to quickly compare products without having to visit shops. Think about your furniture and if you have, for example French Style Furniture by you might want to choose an elegant, rococo style chandelier. It all depends on your room and on your taste, so do some research and find the right lights for you.

Complete control

Here we come to lighting controls, which you would be forgiven for thinking just means the on and off switch. Traditionally yes, but there are loads of further options when it comes to controlling the light in your room. Dimmer switches have been around for ages and they can be just what you need in a bedroom. A dimmer switch can create a warm, romantic atmosphere, or give you a lovely light space.

There are alternatives to dimmer switches too, such as remote controls and lights that have several brightness settings. There are even those fancy lights that you can control by clapping.

With the right fittings for your room, the right design pieces to suit your space and the right controls, you will be able to light up your room and keep it warm and comfortable.

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