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Glitter Lights: Glamour and Luxury | Lighting ideas and tips

Glitter Lights: Glamour and Luxury

Glitter, a creation of Letizia Mammini and Valeria Candido, is another extraordinary collection introduced by Axo Light, a leading Italian lighting design brand founded in 1996.

The collection presents stunning lamps “replete with value and emotion” and comprises three types of fixtures – a hanging lamp, a wall lamp, and a ceiling light, which all come in a small and large version to meet fully specific lighting needs.

Furthermore, apart from choosing from these standard formats, clients could order customizable versions that create diverse lighting effects to suit concrete interior décor solutions.

Metal pendant

All Glitter lights are dramatic and eye-catching sparkling balls that immediately become focal points of any space.

Note that using gorgeous lamps is always a smart concept because they are multifunctional and apart from providing ample light and personalizing the space, such unique, statement fixtures draw attention to a vintage piece of furniture, favorite artwork, or architectural element.

Metal pendant

The shades of Glitter lights are made of strands of numerous mirrored glass components of variable length; these elements are joined together vertically by flat, shiny steel hooks and form three-layered chains of different length.

Metal pendant

The wall and ceiling version come with chains that suspend from a highly reflective stainless steel frame, while the “floating” rectangular canopy of the hanging lamp suspends from two supporting cables. Splashes of light reflect on the ceiling and walls and create magnificent, evocative, and dynamic lighting patterns that illuminate and enliven the space.

Metal pendant

These lights sparkle like pieces of jewelry and add a touch of luxury, elegance, luminous refinement, and sophistication to any private or public place where applied. Generally, always consider incorporating glass elements, they reflect extra light and enhance the feeling of spaciousness; furthermore, glass items help create an appealing and luxurious décor.

Metal ceiling lamp

Each piece of the series is breathtaking; it fascinates with its cascades of mirrored glass chains that create a different lighting pattern with every new perspective.

Metal ceiling lamp

These fixtures are distinctive, vibrant, and magnetic sources of light, regardless turned on or off; Glitter lights are pieces of art that captivate, inspire, influence the place, and create an alluring atmosphere. They add ultimate splendor and look gorgeous in any public or private space.

Metal ceiling lamp

To summarize, each of the formats from Glitter collection is not only a perfect option to illuminate a space with flawless, dramatic light, but also a dazzling embellishment that beautifies the décor and adds charm, sparkle, and uniqueness to any interior design solution.

Metal ceiling lamp


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