Have you ever seen a ghost . . . floor lamp?

What a brilliant idea to make a floor lamp like a spooky white ghost. Even if you are afraid of ghosts, the design of this lighting fixture is so appealing and attractive that you will soon fall in love with it.

The shape is fluent and smooth and you could easily start hugging the white ghost. The dimensions are similar to a small child and you should provide enough space to put it, without the risk of accidentally hit it. Even if that happens – don’t worry, the material of which the lamp is made is durable and hard to break. Its closed construction is preventing any damage to the internal parts. The light source is compact fluorescent 36W TC-L and is not generating heat, maintaining low surface temperature. The CFL is energy-saving and environment friendly.

Adding this floor lamp to the interior is providing additional accent lighting and decorates your home. You will get a touch of modernity and bring specific style to the room. The light emitted is smooth and gently diffused which is nicely perceived by your eyes. You can read, rest or perform some other tasks using only the light from the ghost floor lamp.

The ghost lamp is a perfect addition to a kid room and you can leave it switched on during the night to ensure enough lighting and comfort. I’m sure that a ghost like lamp will help a kid to overcome the fear of ghosts and monsters much more easily at younger age.

You can even improvise and put two floor lamps at each end of the sofa like they are protecting the place of relaxation. Some other option is to decorate a hallway with it and use the floor lamp as welcome message to your guests.

The designers of this fabulous idea are Studio Eero Aarnio and I’m not surprised that they have been awarded – The reddot design award 2012.

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