Illuminate your conservatory with the perfect lighting

A conservatory is an excellent addition to a house, and these extensions often become the most used spaces in a home, once people realise the joys of a bright room in which the outdoors can be enjoyed in any weather. The brightness of conservatories is one of their biggest benefits too, as clear glass or plastic allows the sun’s rays to penetrate and pour into the room. With this in mind, what kind of lighting should you choose for your conservatory? Do not underestimate the conservatory lighting as it is important part in creating your dream conservaoty.

Well, if you have a conservatory built and you look forward to enjoying the sun coming through your Pavilion Sussex Windows, what more could you need? Well, even in the midst of summer the sun has to go down. Night time is the obvious time when you will need lighting in your conservatory, so you can enjoy the cosiness of this space throughout the night if you so please. Not any old light bulbs will do either, so read on for more about the perfect conservatory lighting.

Big conservatory with accent lighting. Table lamps and big windows.

A warm feeling in the evening is possible with fine conservatory lighting

When the evening comes around you will of course still want to be able to use your conservatory. It can be extra cosy when wrapped in the dark shroud of night – that is if you have the right lighting. Lighting touches such as candles are a great way to add a sense of comfort to your glass or plastic building. They will immediately add a feeling of romance to a space and you will be able to enjoy the reflections of the flickering flames in the panes of your extension. Fairy lights are another way to personalise a conservatory and you can buy them in all sorts of different colours too, if you want to brighten up the space with some different tones. Installing interesting and functional conservatory lighting can make the area more comfortable and appealing.

Of course you will need more substantial lighting too if you want to see what you’re doing. For this you have a huge amount of choice so make sure you do your research before making a purchase. You can choose from the following lighting features:

• Chandeliers

• Spotlights

• Lamps

• Wall lights

• Lanterns

• Lamp shades

There really are thousands of products out there that could be right for your conservatory, so take a look at the lighting solutions on sale in stores and across the internet.

Soft lit conservatory at the seasside. Accent lighting and downlights.

Bright nights in

The right conservatory lighting will allow you to really make the most of your conservatory space, whether it’s the daytime or the dead of night. This will enable you to host fantastic parties for friends and family, serving food and drinks, under warm, welcoming lighting. Your light fitting could be the centrepiece of your conservatory and really make the space. It could be the thing that impresses your guests the most about your room, even if they don’t quite notice it until the sun sinks below the trees in your garden. Bright but cosy nights in will be guaranteed with the right lighting, so do your research and invest in your conservatory.

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