LED Downlights

LED Downlights are the combination of traditional halogen downlights and the new modern LED technology. Even though, the LEDs are widely promoted as the replacement of all lighting, I’m a bit skeptical. I think there should be some more development and manufacturers must find solutions to make the LEDs cheaper and with better quality. The price range is still above the required from the regular customer and that’s why most people are restraining from investing in a modern lighting solutions.

When discussing downlights, we have to admit the fact that it is much more profitable to install LEDs instead of halogen. First of all, you will save a lot of energy. Let’s make a quick calculation: One 20 W halogen downlight is emitting approximately 500 lumens and one 6x1W LED downlight is 540 lumens. So you can save 14W of energy with just one downlight. Let’s assume that you have installed 10 pcs. at your home and you use them for about 3 hours every day. You will save 420W per day or 153,3 KW per year. This means you will save approx. 20GBP. Not a big deal, but average life of LEDs is 50 times longer than traditional bulbs, so eventually you will have to replace some of your halogen bulbs and pay for them. Energy price will also increase. What about the cost of the downlights? Well, 6x1W LED downlight is around 28 GBP and standard halogen downlights are at 15 GBP with included bulb and transformer. The difference is getiing smaller and smaller, so soon LEDs will be at the same price as halogen.

Using less energy will help protect the environment and reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Making your home “green” is the aim of many designers and architects.

We are talking about saving energy and being environment friendly, but the main reason to buy something is whether it will catch your eye and if it looks nice. Let’s be honest – no one will buy green technology for his home if it is not something well designed. That’s why I would like to show you some really good looking LED downlights, that could convince you to choose them instead of traditional ones.

This is standard looking downlight. You can hardly distinguish LED from traditional one.

This one has a purple bord which is illuminated. You can find it in any colour. Rectangular modern shape.

Crystal like red LED downlight. Four 1W bulbs. Also offered in different colours.

Combining various types of LED downlights you can achieve perfect lighting for your office or home. They come in different sizes, shapes and colours and could be arranged in weird formations. You can even buy a remote control to change the colour of light and to adjust the brightness.

The future will depend on the LED technology whether we like it or not. So if you are planning to renew your downlights or install some brand new, it is good to check first what are the LED models available at your local store or you can check the big online stores like LEDHut.co.uk to make your own research on design, style and available colours.

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