Light in a vase

We always want to live in green environment and care about the nature. With all the mood about being green and save energy we are looking for concepts that will satisfy our needs, not only as a environmently friendly, but also nice looking and well designed. That’s what a creative idea from a German design studio – dua collection – turns out to be. Having light in a vase full of water and plants. Transparent glass is covering tha bulb, making it impossible to find out how they have put a light in there. If you look careful you will easily recognize the visual illusion, created by water and plants. Of course, you can always use some painted water to create even more dramatic effect. The glass is hand blown and curved like a laboratory flask. The nature is represented artificially. I can only imagine what it will be to put several of these lamps in a living room and turn off the main lighting. Plants will grow and make the lamp full of life, or you can put some blossom flowers and see the impression. I even had a crazy idea about having some gold fish in there, but I’m afraid the bulb will make the water warmer than needed for a creature to live there. Nevertheless, the designers madeĀ  a really impressive and touching design with implementing nature in our home , in such a way that it could be very attractive and captivating. Enjoy the photos !

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