Marta Lights: Charm, Elegance and Beauty

Marta light is a creation of Barovier &Toso, the oldest glass company in Italy; focusing on the perfect blend between masterly centuries – old blowing traditions and techniques and modern style design, the company produces remarkable handmade eye-catching collections of Murano glass.

Any piece of this collection is an evocative work of art of impeccable quality, a wonderful addition to any room, an ideal fit for a stylish home décor; delicate and elegant, these luminaires provoke one’s emotions and imagination and definitely create special, welcoming atmosphere.

The hand blown spheres are the accent of the collection; they immediately grab attention; these delicate baubles are tightly clutched to the stem and illuminate under the soft glow of the lamp shade for a beautiful, translucent, and romantic light effect; the stem itself is polished chrome, pleasant to touch and visually appealing; unquestionably, these exquisite classic models add elegance, style, and sophistication and complement any décor; furthermore, since each piece is handmade, it brings a sense of uniqueness to personalise any place.

Consider that the collection has three variations – table lamp, floor lamp, and pendant, all three with distinctively elegant look; so, opt for the whole collection, for it is a great option to use fascinating lighting fixtures as repeating décor details to bring together and unify any space; this concept definitely adds luxury to the space; the lighting fixtures with their beautiful design always become focal points and the superbly coordinated look is appropriate for any part of any home.

Keep in mind that they all come in different spheres colour versions – liquid green, liquid orange, liquid yellow, brown, violet, grey, antalia green, and crystal to fit any colour design solution, not to mention that each colour adds its own character to light. In addition, there is even an extra option to match your décor – the lamp shades are available in two options – white and black.

Any of these variations is a perfect blend of functionality and attractiveness and serves double; apart from being a source of light, Marta light fixtures combine classic and contemporary elements to become a gorgeous expression of the concept of luxurious and modern living that enhance the décor and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.

It is all up to your taste and needs whether to opt for the whole collection or just for a single piece of it; in both cases the result is that with this hand crafted item of furniture you can definitely achieve an instant wow effect, not to mention that it adds a touch of charm, uniqueness, modernity, glamour, and luxury to the interior design of your home.

Check the whole fabulous lighting collection here

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