Metropolitan cafe lighting

When you think about the interior of a café, bar or restaurant, you are always remembering the atmosphere and the mood that is created there. If you feel comfortable, calmed and relaxed than you will probably visit it again. Some other main factors as the service and meals served are also affecting our judgement, but if you are amazed by the environment or the view you will love to stay there having chat or drinking beer. And what is a good interior without a spectacular lighting, taking your breath away and creating inspirational atmosphere. Such place to remember is the Atlantique Café in Milano, Italy. Even though this project was made in the 1995 it is a state-of-the-art by that time – using fibro optic for lighting and combining such a modern technology and innovative design with the concept of having a popular and well-known café.cafe lighting

The big fibro-optical chandelier is made of thousands of fibres with lights, changing its colour by a program device and drawing a phenomenal pictures of light. This lighting fixture is attracting all the attention to the bar where you can see all the offered drinks and cocktails. Moreover – sitting at the bar makes you feel special and eye-catching. The owners of the café-bar were tempted by the idea of creating such a modern design that it leads you one step further in the future.weird yellow lamps

The rest of the lighting is also very creative – big yellow weird shaped lamps with curved forms. They are like aliens guarding the tables. There are some cosmic flowers attached to the walls as you are venturing on a distant planet. And if you are not already convinced that you are in a galaxy far far away…than you are living in the past and should not dare to enter such a trendy bars.

The only negative emotion that I can sense is the coldness of this place, it is not cosy. It is a futuristic interior with all the techno style and mechanical gadgets and will be appreciated mainly by techno and forward-looking fans.light sculptures

Today the design of this café is changed and is no longer with the same concept.

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