Oak furniture and oak lighting

That’s a really interesting combination of furniture and lighting. Oak is a wood material with great strength and hardness and is very resistant to insects. It has a nice looking grain markings and when processed with a primer and lacquer gets a shiny appearance and is protected against aging. Oak furniture makes interior looks luxury and stylish. There are a lot different furniture made of oak – tables, chairs, cabinets, wardrobes and many more.

You can always add some classic style to your living-room or bedroom. But have in mind that classic furniture cannot be just placed without combining it with the whole interior concept.  I would like to show you some nice oak furniture items that are worth buying.

  1. Oakdale Solid Oak Lamp Table – really beautiful small table. Nice texture of the wood and very useful shelf to put your book in it – perfect for bedside table. I guess you can put a sweet small table lamp on to it. Priced under 100 GBP – it is affordable for everyone.
  2. Small oak table
  3. Galway Solid Oak Bookcase – if you need more space for your books, that’s a perfect solution for you. Six shelves with enough volume to keep all your favourite books at one place. You can also decorate it with some plates, candles or flowers to make it more colourful. If you get the chance to have this bookcase in a promotion, than it will be a perfect purchase.
  4. Bookcase
  5. Oak Large Sideboard – needed in every room for storing all kind of items – from socks to old photos, it is a must have in every decent house. The size is suitable to be put along a wall and not be in the way of passing. Brushed metal handles and sturdy design.
  6. Oak sideboard
  7. Oak Computer Desk – today every home is equipped with at least one PC and because we are spending a lot of time in front of the monitor it is good to have a nice computer desk. You need some drawers to put all your documents or CD’s. The real oak wood is state of the art comparing to MDF products even at a higher price.
  8. Oak Computer Desk
  9. Mini Coffee Table – hey, who doesn’t like drinking a cup of coffee, but you can experience much more pleasure with serving it on to such adorable oak table. Priced around 100 GBP – makes it a nice addition to your cosy interior.
  10. Oak Coffee Table

What about lighting?

There are a lot of ceiling lights with real oak used for decoration. Unfortunately, they are much more expensive than those with MDF or other cheap imitation of wood. It is always a good idea to combine the real oak furniture with some wood decoration in the lighting.

Why don’t you have a look at these (I think these guys are also shipping to UK) :

Palma ceiling lights– real oak wood, halogen bulbs, mirror stainless steel and chrome plated elements, frosted glass

Madrid ceiling lights – another version of the same model, but with more glasses.

Wood plafons – nice standard plafons for all kind of rooms








Caramel ceiling lights – combination of real oak and crystals. Halogen bulbs and chrome decoration.

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