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Lighting Ideas and Interior Design tips - Part 10

LED Lighting Ideas for Your Home

LEDs are in! Energy – efficient, with longer lifespan, compact, smaller in size, cool to touch, and much brighter because of the advancing technology, LED lights are an eco-friendly lighting option; furthermore, since they consume less energy, they reduce your energy costs. In 2012, LED fixtures are expected to definitely break all boundaries in terms […]

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Contemporary Interior Light Panels

Sometimes the general and traditional lighting is not enough to make your interior design more appealing. There are some original concepts about decorating your walls with light panels. These decorative lights are both useful and attractive. They can be used as an accent lighting and will give you more light at the sofa or in […]

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Contemporary Lighting Ideas

 It is your personal taste that should guide you for any renovations to your home; however, if you need inspiration, have a look at the 2012 interior and lighting design trends, they could help give your home a fresh, modern look with just a few trendy touches. A popular interior design trend is introducing multi-functional […]

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Use Light for Home Improvement

Improving the overall look of your home is not that hard if you know how to experiment with light and use different types and sources of lighting. There are some tips that could be useful to dramatically change the atmosphere in your home; try to use them to create your perfect home environment. The kitchen […]

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Remove Dark Zones with Proper Lights

  Do you feel your rooms are dark, unfriendly, and lifeless? With extra thought and planning you could easily make-over your home into a lighter and cozier space. Sometimes there are simple solutions, try these decorating tips: Consider bringing in more natural light You could try to replace the windows with larger ones, add an […]

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10 features for a beautiful bathroom

If you are planning to redecorate or even strip and completely redo your bathroom, you have a number of options when it comes to features. You can choose from a plethora of fittings and decorations to create a salubrious, serene space, and many, many styles are available to peruse from companies such as Bathrooms 365. […]

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Light up Your Bathroom for Maximum Beauty and Functionality

Bathroom – a favorite place in everyone’s home. A place to relax and enjoy the purity of water. We think of the bathroom as a place where we can wash away our problems and energize our body and mind. You’d like to add some extra luxury and sophistication in the bathroom? It’s not that difficult, […]

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Modern conservatory with wall lights and accent lighting.

Illuminate your conservatory with the perfect lighting

A conservatory is an excellent addition to a house, and these extensions often become the most used spaces in a home, once people realise the joys of a bright room in which the outdoors can be enjoyed in any weather. The brightness of conservatories is one of their biggest benefits too, as clear glass or […]

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Get the perfect lighting for your bedroom

If you are redecorating your bedroom or completely taking it apart and renovating it, the lighting is an area that you should not neglect. The right illumination can create a cosy den in which you can relax away from the worries of the outside world, whereas a room that is starkly bright will just add […]

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Easy to make

Gone are the days when bathrooms were used primarily to shower and brush your teeth; nowadays they are a personal place for relaxation and romance, a place where shaving and applying makeup is done. So, lighting is of crucial importance in the bathroom, both in terms of functionality and esthetics, as well as for safety […]

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