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Lighting Ideas and Interior Design tips - Part 14

Brighten Up Your Kitchen

When considering the most suitable kitchen design that entirely meets your needs and dreams, apart for functionality and aesthetics, you have to think of lighting also, do not make lighting an afterthought, a last step in the process of planning; it is lighting that makes the difference between a boring, ordinary space and the eye […]

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small kitchen lighting ideas

Make Your Small Kitchen Cosy and Comfortable

Even though small kitchens may seem a tough design challenge, use your imagination and with some professional advice you can find an option that meets your needs and style of life. Here are some ideas for space saving and storage solutions: • Keep in mind the rule of the classic kitchen triangle that regulates work […]

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Office Furniture – Dominant Styles and Trends

Companies are known to personalise their products and domains by devising brand logos, signature styles and design themes, and so on. This is most reflected in the office furniture or Kontormøbler (as the Danish like to refer to it), that is fitted into their workspaces. This necessitates the incorporation of the prevalent work ethics and […]

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Create a beautifully decorated bedroom for your kid: Basics

  Kid’s room is not simply a bedroom – it is a fairy tale castle, a pirate ship or a cave, a laboratory for all sorts of experiments, an oasis for the kid’s imagination, and a starting point in the efforts to uncover the secrets of the world. No matter how stylish the design is […]

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Lighting – step by step

When choosing the best interior design for a room, we often neglect lighting. However, the lighting type you choose will certainly give the room its unique look and style and can often lead to amazing results. Underestimated by many, lighting is one of the most important things that determines the room atmosphere. This article will […]

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Bedroom decoration key elements – II

Consider details – rugs, bedding, curtains, throw pillows, accessories, do not forget that just a little touch can add an entirely different atmosphere to the whole room. Curtains are an eye-catching element and have a huge impact on the whole space, because of that, do not skimp on their size, they should be at least […]

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Bedroom decoration key elements – I

A bedroom is a strictly private space where people usually sleep or relax, this is a place of peace and tranquility. Although its key function is to provide suitable atmosphere for resting and relaxation, you can feel free to add a working desk and this will not affect its functionality, only be careful not to […]

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Lighting for living room

Your living room – a place you really enjoy

Living room lighting ideas and decoration tips   There are numerous ways to decorate a living room, so consider two essential criteria – the furniture design and its placement and the effect of light. You can consult interior and light designers and yet do not overrate their advice – have a look at the how- […]

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General lighting ideas

Layers of lighting

Most popular types of lighting There are three types of lighting. Ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Even if you don’t care about those general types you will find yourself using at least one of them. So, to the point – why there are exactly three types or a.k.a. layers of lighting. Well, there […]

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Plan your home lighting

The plan of your lighting is not a two-minute task. You need to think and define what lighting do you need, where do you want it, how powerful or energy consuming it will be and of what design. If you are not sure about the basics do not try to make it on your own. […]

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