Stilio lighting range by Licht im Raum

Incredible new range of lighting fixtures is available from the German design studio – Licht im Raum. The so called Stilio family is impressive in simplicity and design. It is hard to imagine a better combination of brushed stainless steel and glass. Transparent glass tubes are diffusing and refracting the light in a perfect natural way. All the segments are shaped in an eye form and connected together. You can choose from plenty of options regarding the shape, number of bulbs and even a multi-level chandelier. Suitable for a living-room, hallway, bedroom, kitchen, restaurant or lobby bar – it is up to you to create the perfect interior with this state of the art lighting. Even if you need a lot of light it is not a problem for the Stilio range – up to 30 bulbs in a single chandelier. But don’t worry if you have a small kitchen or dining-room  – single bulb model is also available in order to bring style and beauty to all the places that you would like. With adjustable suspension it is easy to achieve the desired height of the lighting and level of luminosity.

Stilio range of lighting is equipped with halogen bulbs, providing natural light close to sunlight and are ready to be controlled by dimmer. You don’t need any special equipment.

In my opinion style and design of the Stilio model is fabulous and could make the difference between ordinary interior and spectacular one, so if you need something remarkable in lighting design, do not hesitate to order them. I think the professionals at Licht im Raum will help you with all the needed information and will guide you through the process of making your home or restaurant an appealing oasis of comfort and relaxation.

More info at: Licht im Raum website

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