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Wall decoration made with LED lights

Endless possibilities that are now available due to LED lighting

With technology advancing so rapidly and invention of powerful and bright LEDs there are endless ideas to create unique design and amazing interior projects. Most of the modern architects and interior designers quickly embrace the new LED fortune and started designing fabulous things – tremendous light and furniture combinations. Can you imagine creating all colors […]

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Use Light for Home Improvement

Improving the overall look of your home is not that hard if you know how to experiment with light and use different types and sources of lighting. There are some tips that could be useful to dramatically change the atmosphere in your home; try to use them to create your perfect home environment. The kitchen […]

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Remove Dark Zones with Proper Lights

  Do you feel your rooms are dark, unfriendly, and lifeless? With extra thought and planning you could easily make-over your home into a lighter and cozier space. Sometimes there are simple solutions, try these decorating tips: Consider bringing in more natural light You could try to replace the windows with larger ones, add an […]

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Decorate Your Home with Accent Lighting

 When it comes to decorating or renovating our homes and creating an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and style, focus on lighting, it is really a powerful tool; furthermore, it is a crucial element of the décor, do not make it an afterthought, it is lighting that makes the difference between a dull, ordinary space and […]

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General lighting ideas

Layers of lighting

Most popular types of lighting There are three types of lighting. Ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Even if you don’t care about those general types you will find yourself using at least one of them. So, to the point – why there are exactly three types or a.k.a. layers of lighting. Well, there […]

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