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Great decorated living room with a lot of lights

Choosing the Right Lighting for your Home

Well, you have already made home improvements – walls are plastered, grounded, and painted, new furniture is positioned, even the space is cleaned up; yet, you feel something is missing. After a short reflection, the problem is identified; lighting fixtures are not installed and the single bulb hanging from the ceiling on a folded cord […]

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Led lights, the future of lighting

Lighting can be the one thing that makes a big difference in how people perceive your home. It can dramatically change the way a room looks and feels, plus it can even create mood and add size depending upon how you use it. This use to be a more expensive endeavor but now it can […]

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Easy to make

Gone are the days when bathrooms were used primarily to shower and brush your teeth; nowadays they are a personal place for relaxation and romance, a place where shaving and applying makeup is done. So, lighting is of crucial importance in the bathroom, both in terms of functionality and esthetics, as well as for safety […]

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The most popular and modern bulb seems to be the GU10 LED . The GU index actually shows the type of the socket. In the past the G sockets were used for all halogen bulbs and because they were very popular and installed in offices, kitchens, living rooms , etc. than the bulb manufacturers quickly […]

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Disposing of an energy saving bulb – is it a problem?

After reading a lot of information on the topic, it seems that this is quite a serious problem. With traditional incandescent bulbs gradually moved out from the market, we are all forced to equip our lighting fixtures with the new CFL (compact fluorescent lamps). Well, they are not new anymore, but still we have to […]

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What bulbs do I need for my lighting fixture?

No matter how trivial and easy this question sounds, there are a lot of people asking it, when they have to change a burned out bulb. Believe it or not,  sometimes such a small thing can make your life a living hell. Let’s imagine that  you have a nice contemporary pendant in the kitchen, but […]

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