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Outside view of white painted conservatory

Interior Design Ideas For Your Conservatory

You don’t have to have interior design expertise to create a beautiful, impressive conservatory, and you don’t need a lot of money, either. Adding a conservatory to your home offers you some design possibilities you can’t get in other rooms; use the space to its fullest with the tips below. A conservatory is where indoors […]

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Kitchen lights

Coordinated Furniture and Lighting – a Key to a Balanced Décor

Living rooms are multifunctional spaces where, apart from other activities, we usually meet guests. When decorating a living room, a major consideration should be coordinating furniture and lighting to create a cohesive décor for an appealing, inviting look that can impress family and friends. Always consider lighting and furniture in terms of functionality and aesthetics; […]

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Argent for Terzani: A Shimmering Cloud

Frame, Angel Falls, and Argent are three stunning collections introduced by Terzani in 2012. Argent series, the latest suspension light project of Dodo Arslan, is a demonstration of avant-garde lighting design and fine handcrafted metalwork. These unique lighting sculptures represent the philosophy of the Italian design brand for creating luxurious and artistic fixtures that not […]

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Make the Christmas Table Shine

UP TO 50% OFF CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ! ! ! CLICK HERE When it comes to adding an extra feeling of warmth and cosiness to the Christmas dinner table, look to lights; they can bring a sense of charm and magic. Create inspiring Christmas lighting ideas by using your imagination and fantasy. Choose battery-operated lights; since […]

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Murano glass styled wall light

Sloop Lights: Simplicity and Elegance

A.V. Mazzega is a manufacturer of Murano handmade glass lamps; the company is known for the exquisite design of the fixtures and meticulous attention to detail that makes their products a brilliant example of Italian lighting. In addition to being a source of light, their designer lights serve as elegant and stylish extra decoration of […]

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How to set up a room for optimum lighting

       No matter how smart your furniture or how beautiful your décor, if you haven’t installed the right lighting then all your artistic flair might be wasted.  A well-planned lighting system in the home can transform the mundane into the miraculous. Kitchen One of the first considerations is the purpose of the room you are […]

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Great Kitchen Interior Design – a Lot of Attention to Every Detail

When decorating your great kitchen think practically, use your creativity and imagination to successfully create a space that meets your necessities, a stylish and comfortable place that is the heart of your home. Here are some more ideas and tips that you could also consider: The different zones should be decorated in the same style, […]

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Welcome or How to Organise the Entry Area of Your Home

First impression really counts, so having an eye-catching hallway is truly important as it is the space that offers your guests the very first view of your home. Even if the hallway is large enough, its decoration could turn to be demanding; furthermore, the design of hallways, corridors, and entryways sometimes requires even more creativity […]

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Bedroom decoration key elements – I

A bedroom is a strictly private space where people usually sleep or relax, this is a place of peace and tranquility. Although its key function is to provide suitable atmosphere for resting and relaxation, you can feel free to add a working desk and this will not affect its functionality, only be careful not to […]

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