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Big Boccioli chandelier in an atrium

Boccioli – a new vision of light

One of the most appealing collections of lighting fixtures by Patrizia Volpato is the Boccioli. Combination of gems, crystal and floral motives makes it extraordinary and sophisticated. Different types of lighting can be installed in bedroom, hall, living room, dining room and even in a bathroom. The lights are available in a variety of colours […]

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Choosing and Installing the Right Lighting

Lighting is an exceptionally important factor in any environment, so if you are thinking about lighting it is absolutely essential that you get it right if you want to enjoy your home. Today we are going to go through the main considerations you need to make when choosing and installing the right lighting for your […]

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Marta Lights: Charm, Elegance and Beauty

Marta light is a creation of Barovier &Toso, the oldest glass company in Italy; focusing on the perfect blend between masterly centuries – old blowing traditions and techniques and modern style design, the company produces remarkable handmade eye-catching collections of Murano glass. Any piece of this collection is an evocative work of art of impeccable […]

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Lighting in atomic design

Recently, I have found this amazing project by an Italian design studio – MYYOUR. Some of you may think about their design as a weird idea, but it is very original and authentic. We have to admire all those designers who are brave enough to experiment and create new and extraordinary concepts, because the future […]

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Modern conservatory with wall lights and accent lighting.

Illuminate your conservatory with the perfect lighting

A conservatory is an excellent addition to a house, and these extensions often become the most used spaces in a home, once people realise the joys of a bright room in which the outdoors can be enjoyed in any weather. The brightness of conservatories is one of their biggest benefits too, as clear glass or […]

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Get the perfect lighting for your bedroom

If you are redecorating your bedroom or completely taking it apart and renovating it, the lighting is an area that you should not neglect. The right illumination can create a cosy den in which you can relax away from the worries of the outside world, whereas a room that is starkly bright will just add […]

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Saving energy with lighting

We are all paying a lot of bills every month and one of them is always bigger than we have expected. That’s the one for the electricity used. With the price of electricity increasing every year, it is a time to think of the ways to cut the cost of energy. I can give you […]

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Light in a vase

We always want to live in green environment and care about the nature. With all the mood about being green and save energy we are looking for concepts that will satisfy our needs, not only as a environmently friendly, but also nice looking and well designed. That’s what a creative idea from a German design […]

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Why Not a Home Office?

The way we work is changing, more and more people nowadays have the option to work at home which requires a comfortable, functional and organised workplace that meets all business and office needs and promotes productivity and efficiency. The best case scenario is to have a spacious, secluded, quiet and comfortable place, an attic or […]

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10 beautiful Tiffany lamps

I have decided to make a selection of beautiful Tiffany lamps. I will not tell you about the history of the Tiffany lamps, because if you are interested in those facts, you can check the Wikipedia and learn all about them. Here is the story Tiffany lamps. In two words: they are so nice and […]

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