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Yellow interior of kitchen

How to Choose Lights for your Kitchen

The hearth is the heart of the home may be an old saying, but the meaning of it still rings true. The kitchen is the busiest room in the house – people cook, eat and socialise in here and always have done.  When you think of a kitchen, the general picture is of clean, practical […]

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Calabash pendants

Calabash Pendant: Impressive Simplicity

Calabash is a fascinating fixture that influences any space with impressive presence. It fully represents the designers’ vision that “the direct function of a lampshade is to contain “the light” and to reflect it. But it is still present in the room when the light is switched off.” This series is a project of Boris […]

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LED Kitchen lighting in purple

LED Kitchen Lighting – cut energy bill and save your money

When was the last time that you renovate your kitchen or design it from a scratch? Was it 2, 5 or 10 years ago? If it wasn’t in the last two years than I’m pretty sure that you have missed one of the greatest lighting technology inventions – LED kitchen lighting. Nowadays everyone is crazy […]

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Bright Kitchens: Color and Vibrancy

Before painting the kitchen, consider carefully because colors affect mood. Warm colors are a popular choice for kitchens; inviting and appealing, they convey an element of hospitality and are said to stimulate appetite and spark conversation. Yellow is sunny, optimistic, and positive. In this attractive, light-filled, and airy kitchen, cabinet doors introduce a vibrant yellow […]

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Under cabinet Lighting Ideas

Under cabinet lighting is necessary for any kitchen regardless of its size and design style; it makes the kitchen functional and inviting. In addition, it creates an illusion of space and makes small kitchens look larger and more attractive. There are different sources of light you could apply: Fluorescent lights Usually unobtrusive, which makes them […]

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Kitchen lighting design

Kitchen lighting design

Let’s take a look at the modern kitchen design lighting. I would like to show you some ideas and concepts of kitchen lighting that might be interesting for you. You can check some of the articles in my blog to see what are the key elements in designing kitchen lighting, so I won’t discuss the […]

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The Kitchen Great Room – an Inviting and Comfortable Place

A popular interior design trend is making your kitchen a part of a great room, a functional, well-lit, open and spacious place that combines the kitchen with an adjacent family and dining  room, a center of home activity; a kitchen island or peninsula could connect two of its parts and serve as a focal point […]

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kitchen lights

Contemporary pendant lights

Pendants are very popular when you need light over a table or over a island in the kitchen. You can use them to properly light a task plane – whether it is a kitchen table or billiard table. Even though  the main light is pointed towards the task plane, a lot of diffused light is […]

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small kitchen lighting ideas

Make Your Small Kitchen Cosy and Comfortable

Even though small kitchens may seem a tough design challenge, use your imagination and with some professional advice you can find an option that meets your needs and style of life. Here are some ideas for space saving and storage solutions: • Keep in mind the rule of the classic kitchen triangle that regulates work […]

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