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Cream colored interior

Light Up Your Life with Designer Lighting

Lighting is all important in any interior design. The quality of light that you achieve in your home has a huge impact on the atmosphere and mood of a room, as well as influencing the appearance of size and space. But the lightshade that you select has an equally dramatic effect, and it’s important to […]

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Glitter pendants

Glitter Lights: Glamour and Luxury

Glitter, a creation of Letizia Mammini and Valeria Candido, is another extraordinary collection introduced by Axo Light, a leading Italian lighting design brand founded in 1996. The collection presents stunning lamps “replete with value and emotion” and comprises three types of fixtures – a hanging lamp, a wall lamp, and a ceiling light, which all […]

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Effective Bedroom Lighting For Winter

As the winter months are drawing in and the nights are getting longer, making the home feel cosy is almost a necessity as many people go into a form of hibernation mode until spring – with the except of the January sales perhaps. Leaving work in blustering winds, your mind will almost certainly be focused […]

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The Tiny Miracles of Pepe Heykoop

As the nights draw in, our thoughts increasingly turn to light. Not only are we coming up to Bonfire Night, but Diwali, the Indian festival of light is also approaching (on Tuesday, 13th November in case you were wondering). This takes leads us nicely on to the rather eye-catching design work of Pepe Heykoop, the […]

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Choosing and Installing the Right Lighting

Lighting is an exceptionally important factor in any environment, so if you are thinking about lighting it is absolutely essential that you get it right if you want to enjoy your home. Today we are going to go through the main considerations you need to make when choosing and installing the right lighting for your […]

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3D polyamide designed lamp

Chaos.MGX by .MGX by Materialise – Mesmerizing Beauty

The Chaos.MGX table lamp mixes art and technology in an innovational manner; it is produced using selective laser sintering/SLS/, an advanced technological method that offers virtually countless possibilities to create an array of truly unique products; the fixture is designed by Strand and Hvass, who put their own aesthetic approach to modern lighting based on […]

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dark room with depressive atmosphere

Brighten Your Home to Fight off Depression

Although we do not all suffer from a complete form of Seasonal Deficit Disorder/SDD/, a mood disorder that causes people experience depressive symptoms, insufficient natural light in winters makes us feel a little down. There are some ways of combating the SDD effects, such as enhancing lighting in your home because lighting is a powerful […]

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Have you ever seen a ghost . . . floor lamp?

What a brilliant idea to make a floor lamp like a spooky white ghost. Even if you are afraid of ghosts, the design of this lighting fixture is so appealing and attractive that you will soon fall in love with it. The shape is fluent and smooth and you could easily start hugging the white […]

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Lighting ideas and tips

When designing your new interior or even when you are just redecorating your home, it is a good idea to plan the lighting. Here are some ideas about lighting that might help you in achieving good comfort in your home. You can follow all these tips and combine them with your personal vision and requirements. […]

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The most popular and modern bulb seems to be the GU10 LED . The GU index actually shows the type of the socket. In the past the G sockets were used for all halogen bulbs and because they were very popular and installed in offices, kitchens, living rooms , etc. than the bulb manufacturers quickly […]

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