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Yellow interior of kitchen

How to Choose Lights for your Kitchen

The hearth is the heart of the home may be an old saying, but the meaning of it still rings true. The kitchen is the busiest room in the house – people cook, eat and socialise in here and always have done.  When you think of a kitchen, the general picture is of clean, practical […]

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Multiple LED lights falling from the ceiling with polished chrome

Lighting ideas: 5 fantastic modern ceiling lights

1. Three light pendant by Archilume. Dimmable LEDs and clear lens providing soft and direct spotted light to illuminate bars, counters and table. Ideal to put over a small table or some place where you want to accent with light.   2. 21 Series by BOCCI. Made from porcelain and crafted in conical form to […]

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Smooncage porcelaine ambiance

SmoonCage by BEAU&BIEN: Poetical Light

SmoonCage collection, a 2012 VIA winner, is a creation of the French designers Sylvie Maréchal and Lode Soetewey for BEAU&BIEN. When implementing its projects, this French brand uses LED and other innovative technologies, such as a sensitive switch, to create magnificent fixtures that offer environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting solutions. All lamps feature a birdcage […]

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Veli Collection of lighting

Veli Collection: Stunning Beauty and Versatility

Veli/veil, shroud, or gauze in English/ collection is an avant-garde project of Adriano Rachele for Slamp, a representative Italian lighting design brand. The series, which stands for a new expressive style in the world of lighting design, has won the 2012 Red Dot Design Award Honorable Mention in the “Product design” category among 14,000 candidates […]

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Festive Christmas Lighting for the Table

UP TO 50% OFF CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ! ! ! CLICK HERE Christmas is the period when we spend some quality time with family and close friends and share meals with them. In this regard, a beautifully decorated table sets the perfect ambience for the Christmas dinner. Create a special table that spills the Christmas magic, […]

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dark room with depressive atmosphere

Brighten Your Home to Fight off Depression

Although we do not all suffer from a complete form of Seasonal Deficit Disorder/SDD/, a mood disorder that causes people experience depressive symptoms, insufficient natural light in winters makes us feel a little down. There are some ways of combating the SDD effects, such as enhancing lighting in your home because lighting is a powerful […]

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Ceiling Fan with Lights

Summer is my favorite season and I’m sure most of you will agree with me that sun is better than snow. You can go out with light clothes, you can go swimming, you can drink a lot of beer etc. The only downside is the heat. I think summer is getting hotter and hotter over […]

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Lighting in atomic design

Recently, I have found this amazing project by an Italian design studio – MYYOUR. Some of you may think about their design as a weird idea, but it is very original and authentic. We have to admire all those designers who are brave enough to experiment and create new and extraordinary concepts, because the future […]

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Create a Vintage Room with Traditional Lighting

Vintage style decor is becoming more and more desirable, possibly due to the rising popularity of period dramas like Downton Abbey. If you want to achieve this traditional eloquent look yourself, lighting is going to be a large aspect of capturing the look and feel of a grand Victorian manor house. This short guide will […]

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The Kitchen Great Room – an Inviting and Comfortable Place

A popular interior design trend is making your kitchen a part of a great room, a functional, well-lit, open and spacious place that combines the kitchen with an adjacent family and dining  room, a center of home activity; a kitchen island or peninsula could connect two of its parts and serve as a focal point […]

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