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Great decorated living room with a lot of lights

Choosing the Right Lighting for your Home

Well, you have already made home improvements – walls are plastered, grounded, and painted, new furniture is positioned, even the space is cleaned up; yet, you feel something is missing. After a short reflection, the problem is identified; lighting fixtures are not installed and the single bulb hanging from the ceiling on a folded cord […]

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Remove Dark Zones with Proper Lights

  Do you feel your rooms are dark, unfriendly, and lifeless? With extra thought and planning you could easily make-over your home into a lighter and cozier space. Sometimes there are simple solutions, try these decorating tips: Consider bringing in more natural light You could try to replace the windows with larger ones, add an […]

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Light up Your Bathroom for Maximum Beauty and Functionality

Bathroom – a favorite place in everyone’s home. A place to relax and enjoy the purity of water. We think of the bathroom as a place where we can wash away our problems and energize our body and mind. You’d like to add some extra luxury and sophistication in the bathroom? It’s not that difficult, […]

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas – Easy to make

Gone are the days when bathrooms were used primarily to shower and brush your teeth; nowadays they are a personal place for relaxation and romance, a place where shaving and applying makeup is done. So, lighting is of crucial importance in the bathroom, both in terms of functionality and esthetics, as well as for safety […]

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The Perfect Way of Storing Firewood

Firewood plays a very significant role especially when the winter sets in and the chilling wind begins to freeze the blood in the veins. People who have a fireplace or wood heater tend can’t love without ordering firewood in bulk to keep themselves warm during the cold winter months. And fire is also providing an […]

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