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Dining in the open with table and chairs

Setting Up Your Outdoor Dining Area

When setting up an outdoor dining area in the garden of your home, it’s important to think creatively so you can impress your friends and family! One such great outdoor ornament providing cover and shade, perfect for sitting under while you eat, is a palm tree. And although some may equate palm trees only with […]

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Big house with nice pool illuminated at night

What Lighting Do You Need For Your Decking?

You will need at least two types of lighting for your outdoor area, and possibly three. You will need both task lighting; ambient lighting and you may also need security lighting depending on where your deck is positioned. Task lighting will be needed when you’re moving around at night- so you don’t fall down the […]

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Outdoor Christmas decorations: Boost Your Holiday Curb Appeal

UP TO 50% OFF CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ! ! ! CLICK HERE When considering exterior Christmas decoration, focus on lighting and make your walkway, porch, and front door glisten with holiday feel. Solar lights and battery-operated LEDs are a smart lighting solution. Start with the pathway; use glittery lights, Santa-topped lanterns, peppermint stick swirls topped with […]

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Outdoor Christmas Lights: Make the Yard Sparkle

UP TO 50% OFF CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ! ! ! CLICK HERE Use lights to dress up your outdoor space for the Christmas holiday period; you can choose from an array of exquisite items, such as lit garlands, snowflakes, stars, and trees; winter displays, pre-lit characters, and the trendy inflatable decorations; and much more. Christmas lights […]

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