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Great decorated living room with a lot of lights

Choosing the Right Lighting for your Home

Well, you have already made home improvements – walls are plastered, grounded, and painted, new furniture is positioned, even the space is cleaned up; yet, you feel something is missing. After a short reflection, the problem is identified; lighting fixtures are not installed and the single bulb hanging from the ceiling on a folded cord […]

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constrictor modern table lamp in red color and black lamp shade

Constrictor Table Lamp: A Stunning Addition to Any Space

The Constrictor table lamp is a project of Jeremy Pyles for Niche Modern; indeed, Jeremy Pyles, along with his wife Mary Welch created Niche Modern in 2003. The designer shares the idea that everyone can see “the exchange of light and darkness, strength and delicacy, edge and elegance at play” in all of their products. […]

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Remove Dark Zones with Proper Lights

  Do you feel your rooms are dark, unfriendly, and lifeless? With extra thought and planning you could easily make-over your home into a lighter and cozier space. Sometimes there are simple solutions, try these decorating tips: Consider bringing in more natural light You could try to replace the windows with larger ones, add an […]

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