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The Perfect Way of Storing Firewood | Lighting ideas and tips

The Perfect Way of Storing Firewood

Firewood plays a very significant role especially when the winter sets in and the chilling wind begins to freeze the blood in the veins. People who have a fireplace or wood heater tend can’t love without ordering firewood in bulk to keep themselves warm during the cold winter months. And fire is also providing an intimate lighting which makes the mood and atmosphere lovely.

The firewood must be stored properly to provide you better heat and instant combustion. Thus, you must possess sufficient knowledge on their perfect storage. Albeit these are delivered in massive bags but if the area or passage is too narrow, you may have to get them delivered loose. During such circumstances you must pay heed to certain factors or else, the whole firewood may become unfit for the purpose you have ordered them for.

The logs that are delivered are always of equal length but they vary in their width. Some logs may be quite large which need to split up into smaller sizes in order to burn them in the fireplace. You may also need to break the brænde into significantly small pieces to be used for kindling purpose. You may want to store the entire big logs underneath the pile but you may certain disadvantages while doing so.

You may not get the accurate mix of bigger and kindling pieces which are essential for combustion in the fireplace. Thus, it is very important that you stack them in logs of varying thickness to serve better purpose. Also, you must ensure that the logs are stored in such a way that they remain dry for better combustion. If you need fast and bright light from the fireplace, than use well dried woods. For slower firing and dim light, wet woods will do better.

This can be achieved by arranging them in crisscross pattern which will also allow unrestricted passage of air through the stack of firewood. You can also arrange them in pyramid fashion if there is scarcity of storage space. For more knowledge on storage of firewood you may log on to


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