Your basement is missing light

Even if it is an uninviting, dark, cold, and crammed with infrequently used items, your basement has the potential for becoming regular living space.

Before you start a makeover project, check and, if necessary, fix issues, such as moisture, ventilation, headroom, waterproofing, insulation, and flooring.

Keep the space open; when you need to separate it, use glass bricks half – walls to allow light circulation. If necessary, movable screens or sliding doors provide privacy.

Concentrate your attention on windows; replace the existing ones with larger and, if possible, add new egress windows.

Try to visually anchor these windows with built-in cabinets positioned just beneath them. If feasible, rework the basement entry and replace the traditional door with a glass one to let the light flow. Use sheer fabrics curtains that allow natural light to enter the space; blinds are always a smart solution.

Basement interior

Generally, use as much natural light as possible.

However, you will need to augment natural light with a lot of artificial lighting. Consider applying a multi-layered approach and use bulbs that simulate natural light to transform this relatively dim space into an inviting, visually appealing place.

Flush-mounted recessed lights are a great option for general lighting. They offer warm, evenly spread light. Remember to install them closer together for avoiding dark spots. You can choose from a variety of styles and finishes to match the décor of the space.

Tracks are another smart choice. Their adjustable heads allow both directing light where necessary and customising the lighting scheme to eventual changes of your needs.
Try with uplighting with either standard lamp fixtures or floor-mounted recessed lights to achieve maximal brightness for a more spacious look and a dramatic effect.

Wall sconces are a perfect choice for accent lighting; they highlight artwork with attractive, soft light for a touch of extra charm. Try with sconces flanking a high basement window to draw the eyes up and distract from the imperfections of the space.

Go for table and floor lamps for task lighting, they are a simple solution for extra light around sitting arrangements. Match the floor and table lamp because repeating décor elements throughout the space lend a balanced, inviting look.

You can drop a row of pendants if the ceiling is high enough. They are not only a versatile source of illumination, but also add style and elegance to the décor. For extra visual appeal, opt for odd-numbered groups.

Experiment with mirrors; they reflect light and make a world of difference creating an airy, spacious feel. Always consider using dimmers to provide variable lighting levels.

Think creatively and apply different lighting techniques to transform the basement into a cosy and functional place.

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