10 features for a beautiful bathroom

If you are planning to redecorate or even strip and completely redo your bathroom, you have a number of options when it comes to features. You can choose from a plethora of fittings and decorations to create a salubrious, serene space, and many, many styles are available to peruse from companies such as Bathrooms 365. Take a look at the following list for 10 features that could be perfect for your bathroom.

1. Toilet

A bathroom wouldn’t be much good without a loo, and this necessity can contribute to a beautiful bathroom suite, despite everyone knowing exactly what it’s used for. There are literally thousands of toilets to choose from in styles from art deco to contemporary and futuristic, so have a look around and choose a lovely latrine.


2. Bath

Some bathrooms nowadays shun the bath in favour of a larger shower. I would say that this is not a proper bathroom, as a bath has many virtues. As well as being a great way to get clean, a bath can help you relax and wind down. It can soothe our mind and your muscles and generally leaves you feeling great.

3. Basin

For your basin you can choose a simple bowl in your choice of colour or you can opt for a veritable masterpiece of craftsmanship; a water feature and work of art in which you can carry out your daily ablutions.

4. Bidet

A bidet adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom, even if you don’t use it. If it was called a bum washer it might not have the same effect but thankfully it’s not, so consider one for your room.

5. Tiles

Tiles are effective in a bathroom as they are splash resistant and they can also add a clean, fresh look to a space. You could choose breezy white tiles for a light space, or create a mosaic of colour with a selection of multicoloured tiles.


6. Tiled floor

A tiled floor also adds class to a bathroom, and if you build a wet room you can splash water all over the place without worrying about it rotting wood floors or soaking mats.

7. Lino

If tiles are too expensive or too impractical then lino is an inexpensive alternative. You can choose from a multitude of patterns and get almost as good a finish as with tiles.

8. Radiator

In the winter especially it is important for your bathroom to be cosy and warm, and it helps to dry towels all year round. For bathroom heating you can go for a classic radiator or the handy heated towel rails that are so popular.

9. Shower

A bracing cold shower or luxurious hot one can be just what you need at the start or the end of a day. There are some powerful systems around now too, and some excellent large shower heads that ensure a pleasant, steady fall of water on your body.

10. Steam room

For your very own home spa you might like to opt for a steam room, which you can have fitted nowadays if you have the space available. Alternatively there are some showers with steam vents that could enable you to get steamy whenever you like.

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