10 Italian lighting companies that will inspire you

Italian lighting designers are always considered to be one of the best and that is not a surprise. Italy is a fashion centre of the world for a long time and the creativity of it’s studios and manufacturers is well known. Whether you need the newest and most fashionable contemporary lighting or the maximum luxury for your home – you can find it in some of the following Italian producers and designers. You will be surprised how much the lighting has evolved and how the light can make the difference between an ordinary interior and the one that will be remembered and spoken of.

If you are planning to install some new lighting fixtures and you have a decent budget or better – unlimited, you should check out the following selection of the 10 best Italian lighting companies. They are alphabetically ordered , so let’s get started.


One of the most popular Italian lighting producers. Founded in 1960 and with more than 50 years of history, Artemide is a world-wide lighting supplier with spectacular range of lighting fixtures – architectural, design, interior and outdoor.

2. Fabbian

This company works with a glamorous selection of trusted lighting designers. They have created a huge collection of special design luminaries. Fabbian is a made in Italy trademark.

3.  Flos

Another refined group of designers dedicated to contemporary lighting with innovative and extraordinary design and style. Flos is a jewel in the interior sophisticated lighting.

4. Iguzzini

Iguzzini is a company recognized with it’s tremendous office lighting design as well as the architectural and outdoor luminaries.

5.  Italamp

When you need a classy, stylish and traditional lighting with a sense of luxury than you should not miss Italamp.

6. Leucos

Leucos is part of the FDV Group. A group of companies related to lighting and mainly popular with their amazing glass design. Using the famous Murano glass in their projects.

7.  Lucente

An Italian lighting company with tremendous variety of lighting fixtures. The products of Lucente are interior.

8. MM Lampadari

This company is creating fine art and classic lighting to make your home much more styled and exquisite. MM Lampadari is your choice if you need traditional lights.

9.  Metallux

The company of Metallux is designing contemporary modern lighting and also some classical lamps. They have a fine art glass.

10. Possoni

High class and luxury lighting in the traditional decorative range. Possoni is producing lamps and lighting fixtures that could be used in a very luxury homes, but also in hotels and some other representative buildings.

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