2013 Trends for Bathrooms with a Bath

Bathroom experts Victoria Plumb offers a superb range of ideas to help you achieve your own perfect spa retreat at home – using nothing more than your bathroom suite.

The bath is the Focal Point

The bath is the centre point of the bathroom and those aiming for a spa feel need to consider their choice of tub carefully. Victoria Plumb provides everything you need to make your bathroom a room of blissful serenity.

Best sellers include their Superdeep double ended straight bath which one customer described as “good quality super price”. The square shape of this unit creates a seamless look in the bathroom while the deep dimensions ensure you have enough room to truly immerse yourself when it’s time to enjoy a soak.

Alternatively, corner bath options from Victoria Plumb such as the Camden corner bath look great with Victoria Plumb’s Autograph bathroom suite range and Whirlpool bathing options are ideal for those wanting to combine spa looks with the relaxation benefits of hydrotherapy jet systems.

Position, lighting and a natural design for your Bathroom

It’s not just your choice of bath which is important – where your home is situated and the place of your bath in your bathroom requires just as much thought. Taking advantage of a view is an emerging trend in the interior design world which could easily be achievable.

Firstly consider the position, lighting and a natural design for your bathroom, which is essential for relaxation. Working best with large windows or glass walls, place the tub in direct view of the window to natural light to embrace the room.

Traditional Bathroom Suites

For those aspiring for an idyllic period style home with large traditional window should include the Victoria Plumb’s Winchester bathroom suite range which is has a luxurious traditional design. Also for those with the desire to soak up the atmosphere consider a traditional roll top slipper bath such as Victoria Plumb’s Liberty roll top slipper bath which has been featured by HousetoHome.co.uk as 1 of the 10 best roll top baths.

Modern Bathroom Suites

A contemporary bathroom suite offering smooth, curvaceous lines creates a sensuous and relaxing atmosphere. Contrasting with this traditional approach the over-the-top style is not just for the rich and famous; a modern version is gaining popularity, the Hollywood look can be achieved within the bathroom of your home.

Victoria Plumb have used their Arc Bathroom Suite range to show how this decorating style is all about the glitz and glam of luxurious living that is characterized by sleek lines, colour, drama and contrast.

Bathroom lighting

The finishing touches

 If your bathroom isn’t set up to offer you a view of outdoors where the natural light embraces you when you relax then there are plenty of other options you can try. Using mirrors to reflect light is a good trick to create the illusion of extra space and light and really helps build a soothing atmosphere. Victoria Plumb’s mirror with lights from their Sienna White Bathroom Furniture Range offers the perfect solution.

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