7 Charming Crystal Pendants

It is always trendy to have lighting fixtures with crystals. They are very adorable and appealing and can enhance significantly your home decor. The way crystals are refracting light is so amazing that it’s not a surprise that such lighting is preferred in many administrative, luxury and official buildings. Crystal chandeliers and pendants are fine addition to all types of furniture.

Why not installing crystal pendant lights in our home and make it more attractive, comfortable and appealing?

Here is a list of 7 of the best crystal pendants that are available on the market and could be easily obtained by online or offline dealers.

1. Luce Chandelier at Pottery Barn

Small crystal pendant light

2. Markslojd Lindo Crystal Pendant at SIRIUS Lighting

Gorgeous Markslojd Lindo Pendant lit in living room

3. Frosso Crystal Pendant at Alexander and Pearl

Frosso Crystal Pendant Light

4. Venus Crystal Pendant at John Lewis

Venus crystal pendant

5. Franklite Crystal Pendant at Universal Lighting Services

Franklite Crystal pendant

6. Adriatic Crystal Pendant at Dar Lighting

Adriatic Crystal Pendant

7. Crystal Drop Pendant at Light in the box

Crystal Drop Pendant

Some of the pendants showed here are mid priced while others are medium to high price.

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