A Light for Every Purpose

From a 9 light chandelier style application in a formal dining room to a security spotlight over the driveway, every area of your home has a unique lighting need.

While you may be led to believe by the monotony of the overhead bulb with frosted glass globe placed in new homes that any light works well enough to serve a purpose, the effect of choosing the right light and correct style of lighting can be greater than purchasing completely new furnishings.

What Purpose Does the Lighting Serve?

If the sole purpose of lighting was to make it not dark then one would not even bother with shades on a lamp. Bare bulbs due an acceptable job of making a dark place lit. With that in mind, you have to consider what you want the light to do. The most basic considerations are

Modern living room with wood accent

  • Ambiance and Mood
  • Function (safety and utility)
  • Décor
  • Versatility
  • Practicality

Ambiance and Mood

This is simply the difference between the chandeliers with a dimmer switch that allows you to switch from brightly lit holiday dinners to romantic intimate dinners as easily twisting a knob. In other area of the home it is the difference between a floor lamp casting a circle of light and a wall bracket light that takes advantage of the light being redirected off a wall to provide a soft glow off a larger area. All have the same basic purpose but the warmth and feel can be varied to accommodate need.

Living room with concealed lighting installed


Some lighting is designed for specific purpose. A storage closet has no need except light bright enough to find things easily. Lighting on stairs is a simple safety concern so the first priority is to address the safety concern and then secondary is décor and style to taste in a way that the safety concern is still met.


The lights in the guest room will be different than those of the master bedroom even though they are both in reality bedrooms. While often the master bedroom is designed for intimacy the guest room is decorated for open, friendly, and welcoming. Lighting needs to set the tone for both. The children’s rooms use brighter colour typically and require lighting strong enough to keep the color from darkening the room with shadows.

Hallway lighting

Practicality and Versatility

As seen in the above brief descriptions, there is overlap in many areas. Décor and ambiance are closely related and function is always a consideration. To ensure that all areas are addressed some versatility of purpose is needed (a lamp that provides reading light as well as lightening a shadowed corner as an example). In practical terms, it is not always desirable to rewire a home for recessed lighting but you may be able to get the same purpose and feel from strip lights. The key to versatility and function is variety. Scotlight Direct has virtually every option available to compare to meet any need.

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