Lighting is the essence of the interior design!

        Hi, I am Ivo – lighting professional and project designer. Welcome to my blog dedicated to lighting and design. It is a pleasure to have you as one of my readers. I hope you will enjoy it and find some useful tips, ideas and concepts of lighting and also all the news regarding the most popular lighting and design trends.

         I have started designing and creating lighting concepts in 1993. For almost 20 years I have developed a lot of lighting fixtures and implemented them in various interior projects. I was also using my knowledge and experience when I have designed the lighting projects of many apartments, houses, administrative buildings, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. The professional experience gave me the opportunity to consult people in choosing the best lighting for their interior and help them in achieving the maximum comfort and visual style with what they have got or are willing to purchase. The main idea was to explain to my customers that lighting is the key object in every interior. No matter how much you have invested in furniture or decoration, if you have the wrong lighting, than you will ruin the whole atmosphere and mood. Following some simple rules that I’m sharing here, you can achieve much more pleasure and delight in your home or office. Do not be afraid to learn and try new things regarding the place you live or work in. I will try to help you with my knowledge and experience and will be glad to answer your questions, just drop me an email.

Here is a brief list of some of the questions that I have been asked all the time:Author of the lighting-ideas.co.uk blog

  • Not sure about what lighting to choose for your living room?
  • Wondering if your design requires modern or classic lighting?
  • What types of bulbs are suitable for your chandelier?
  • Are energy-saving lamps bad for health?
  • What is the trend in lighting?
  • How much lighting do you need to properly light a living room?
  • What is a colour spectrum and why this is an important parameter?
  • How to combine artificial and natural light?
  • Why feel depressed inside a room with poor lighting?
  • Need help in comparing similar products on the market
  • …and so many more…

You can reach me at: design@lighting-ideas.co.uk or you can ask your questions directly under the discussed topics.

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