Adding a Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Sometimes the light in the kitchen is not enough and we have to install additional light sources and I’m not talking about another ceiling light or chandelier.

The most common type of additional lighting in the kitchen is the under cabinet lighting. It helps illuminate the food preparation area and also the sink.

If you don’t have windows above the sink or your kitchen sink is in the corner, you definitely need under cabinet lighting.

In the old days this task was accomplished with halogen downlights or regular bulbs, but thanks to the advanced technology, we now have powerful LED strip lights that do the job perfectly.

Under cabinet lights
Under cabinet lights

It’s also very easy to install these LED strip lights as they are self-adhesive and you can stick them under your kitchen cabinets. At one of the ends is the power supply, so make sure it’s close to a socket.

LED strip self adhesive
LED strip self adhesive

There is a place where you can cut the line ( there is a scissors sign there ) and adjust the size as per your needs.

LED lights come in different color of light – warm, cool and neutral. You can even get full spectrum, but I don’t think it’s good for kitchen use.

Another thing to consider is the power supply – you must get an advice for your local electrician or the guy that is selling the LED cabinet lights.

Connection between the power supply and the LEDs is made very easy with just screwing the + and – cords to the supply.

If you are installing in areas where there is a chance of splashes or water spraying over the light, you might consider getting a waterproof lighting.

It tends to be more expensive, but it is mandatory for wet areas, like above the sink.

There are also kitchen cabinets that already have such lighting installed, so check that option when designing your kitchen.

The light cord gives you the freedom to create any shape and stick it to whatever surface you want. Be aware though, that once it’s glued to the cabinets it’s hard to remove and even if you remove it, it won’t stick again to any surface as the glue will be ruined.

There are so many options on the market to choose from that it’s really hard to select the best one. The best thing is to ask someone who has some experience in LED lighting and kitchen cabinet lighting for advice and guidance on your project.

You can also watch some Youtube videos like this one:

to get some idea on the process and see if you can do it yourself.

As the price of these LED lines is very low, you can experiment without the fear of loosing a lot of money.

So, I hope you get an idea on kitchen cabinet lighting with LED lights and will start soon your next kitchen remodel project and making the kitchen a lot more bright as proper lighting in the kitchen is a must.