Agatha Suspensions: Vibrancy and Grace

Agatha suspensions series is a project of the Spanish designer Luis Eslava for LZF. This Spanish lighting design company makes “very special lights for very special people” focusing on creating handmade fixtures exclusively of natural wood veneer with unique designs reminiscent of forms found in Nature.

The suspensions are made of Pollywood veneer; they come with a brushed nickel-canopy finish and work with either standard incandescent or energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs. They are available in three sizes/small, medium, and large/ and eight shade colours/American white, beech, cherry, green, gray, orange, red, and yellow/ to match different interior décor solutions for both private and public spaces.

The newest version is the gold-plated small suspension, a luxurious format that could add glamour and splendour to any place. Note that only the medium-sized suspension expands to form a full sphere, the other versions are with hemispheric shades.

Agatha series has two international awards from HD Show 2011 in Las Vegas and WAN 2011 in London.

Due to Pollywood veneer, which provides texture and depth, these lamps are lighting sculptures that create a spectacular lighting effect; they radiate warm, delicate, and well-diffused light for an attractive atmosphere and visual appeal. These “blooming” fixtures represent simplicity, originality, style, elegance, and creativity; they sparkle and bring a punch of colour and vibrancy.

Consider adding any Agatha suspension, a fabulous contemporary lighting fixture in warm and rich hues, because these pendants are a smart choice to illuminate, enliven, and embellish any space.

This hanging lamp looks light and airy; Agatha is an impressive fixture of intricately woven veneer strips that reflect light adding a dash of magic; the lampshade is created by concentric superposition of ribbons into swirls that burst overhead. These veneer folds and bows that twirl down are reminiscent of an oversized flower and lend a sumptuous look to any space.

The elegant silhouette of Agatha lamps captivates the eye and immediately grabs attention. Generally, these numerous interlaced wooden slats create a stylish petal-shaped design, which makes Agatha suspensions stunning and unique. 

Agatha lamps with their fluffy, organic shape and timeless classic design are striking in any of the colour versions; furthermore, they are statement pieces that stand out in any place and fill it with their presence. Sensual, bold, and vibrant, any of Agatha pendants is a lighting beauty, a great solution that adds a touch of feminine sophistication, charm, modernity, and luxurious glamour.

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