Aquariums for Unique Indirect Lighting Solution

An idea for a beautiful and functional way to add indirect light, tranquility, and interest to a room is gaining popularity all over the globe. Aquariums come in many sizes and unique shapes that allow for placement along walls, in corners and even on simple shelves and stands.

You do not need exceptional skills or to be a fish aficionado to take advantage of the soft light in virtually any color or even changing colors that they allow to be placed anywhere that one might consider placing a recessed light or led strip.

What they do allow is placement of the light with no more installation of than is required of a lamp and lamp table but add far more character to a room.

Aquarium mounted on the wall

If you are looking to this idea as a lighting solution than stick to simple freshwater species fish that will be low maintenance and have minimal filtration needs. Salt water tanks and delicate fish species require high levels of maintenance and the lighting needs to be spectrum specific for fish used to intense tropical sunlight.

This would provide a harsh overly bright light for most uses as a light supplement. Simple tank setups with led light bars and lit bubble bars allow for soft light accents to enhance the look of a room and help pull shadows back from the room to make a room seem larger.

LED lighting is typically the best bet for this application. Very low energy cost and the fact it does not add additional heat to cause evaporation make a perfect fit to this purpose. Bright Lightz has a number of examples of the large variety available. An option of growing popularity is a simple tank with a bubble bar light for nursery rooms and guest rooms.

Modern interior with stairs and aquarium

No fish are used at all, but it is a very functional night light and soothing water sound white noise generator to enhance sleep and restfulness with virtually no maintenance needs.

Placement in curio cabinets or near entertainment centers allows for lighting to accent other focal points of a room without the overpowering glare of florescent bulbs.

Wall column mounted aquarium

A small Plexiglas tank with light bar and airstone costs no more than a decent quality table lamp and is not a weight consideration but will give so many more options for placement than a lamp and adjusting to décor is as simple as choosing LED’s of a different color.

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