Argent for Terzani: A Shimmering Cloud

Frame, Angel Falls, and Argent are three stunning collections introduced by Terzani in 2012.

Argent series, the latest suspension light project of Dodo Arslan, is a demonstration of avant-garde lighting design and fine handcrafted metalwork.

These unique lighting sculptures represent the philosophy of the Italian design brand for creating luxurious and artistic fixtures that not only attract and keep attention, but also influence the entire space with sparkling light and original light and shadow effects.

Just as the earlier project of Dodo Arslan for Terzani, I Lucci Argentati, Argent is an astounding pendant of simple elegance. Both collections introduce whimsical yet still modern and innovative fixtures that complement the list of Terzani creations that have already become design classics.

The series comprises three pendants of different dimensions to meet fully specific lighting needs. All are made up of clusters of sheet steel laser-cut “coins” that have different sizes; these discs are meticulously shaped by hand and welded by Terzani artisans to create glimmering silver clouds.

Two of the versions are with circular canopies and the third one – with a rectangular canopy; all three come with either xenon or halogen bulbs. The larger circular and the rectangular suspensions come in a white iron finish, while the smaller circular suspension is in a nickel finish.

Generally, pendants are a great way to light and embellish any space. These lights are multi-functional and could serve as a source of both ambient and task lighting, not to mention that designer pendants add style and elegance to every place they light up.

Any of Argent pendants is a sparkly, wow-factor beauty that immediately grabs attention. When lit, the angled surfaces of the discs scintillate with a soft shimmering, white glow for a mesmerising effect. Unquestionably, each piece of Argent series not only adds ultimate splendour and luxury to the décor of any space, but also enlivens and personalises it.

The silhouette of Argent series fixtures features a shattering cloud spreading splendidly into the sky. The clusters of metal discs create circles of light that flow smoothly in shimmering waves for a fascinating pattern of light and shade effects that brings a sense of motion, lightness, emotions, and magic.

However, it is difficult to consider these pendants simple sources of light because they are far more than that. The suspensions are a cross point of functionality, aesthetics, glamour, elegance, and modernity; they are jewels of light and exquisite pieces of art that captivate with their beauty.

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